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Old Apr 5, 2012, 11:28 AM
Narmowen Narmowen is offline
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Originally Posted by tofu pup View Post
It is interesting how there are "pools" of color by region and over time, depending on who the dominant sire in the region is and who the dominant breeders are. Years ago, we would go out to Buffalo for the Western NY specialties. They always had big juniors entries (for a specialty!) and the Open Senior ring would be a dozen kids with AOACS, and then me at the back of the line with my little red dog. Too cute.
About 15 years ago, in my area, it was the sables that were dominant, so much so that me and my blue boy would sometimes be the only one in our AOAC class. Last time I showed, about four years ago, I had to fight for room in that same class.
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Old Apr 5, 2012, 08:15 PM
sheltieluvr6 sheltieluvr6 is offline
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Bi blacks and bi blues have such pretty coats. Those are my two absolute favorites!

After reading up on bi blacks, I've found that they were actually one of the original coat colors. They just seemed less common compared to the typical sable (common but also beautiful) and kind of faded out. I'm glad to hear that they are making a comeback though. I love them! And hopefully I'm getting a bi blue puppy in late May
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Old Apr 25, 2012, 06:51 AM
bibluegirl bibluegirl is offline
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I have to agree!! They are also my favorite. After waiting a very long time 9 years I finally got the bi blue puppy I was waiting for. I lost my tri 3 years ago to a brain tumor and wasn't really looking to get another dog as soon as I did, but the breeder called me and told me she thought one of the pups was going to be a bi-blue.

She was expecting a litter of tris and blues but she said it was possible that she could get bi's as the dad was bi factored. Sure enough my little Flash was a bi and georgous:)

My trainer and I actually fought over him.

Once I figure out how to get pictures up on here I will post some.

Actually now that I remember his brother was a bi black.
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