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Old Apr 9, 2012, 05:40 PM
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Default Tightrope or TPLO surgery?

I am going to see the vet to discuss surgery for my 2.5 year old sheltie, Ozzie. He has been limping off and on since the end of August. I did x-rays and anti-inflammatories. He rested for a couple of months, and he was better for a while. He started limping again, and I tried rest again. Well he was limping sooner this time. The vet seems to think that with this history, surgery and rehab are the best option. I was wondering if anyone had experience with either of these surgeries. The vet has been trained in tightrope and has done a number of these surgeries. If TPLO (I hope I have the right letters) is suggested, there is a board certified surgeon who does this surgery. Ozzie is a pet sheltie, no agility, etc. He is as active as most young shelties. Any recommendations, experiences? Thanks, Brigitte (British Columbia, Canada)
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