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Old Oct 13, 2008, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by LaOsaLinda View Post
I always felt bad for my Chasity when she would get them. I have never heard a baby cry so much and run around the house like a total nut case. They bothered her so much we would have to chase her down and remove them. She felt so much at ease when we removed them, then when she got it again she went straight to my grandfather. Like he was the personal butt cleaner or something. My current dog which actually doesn't have long hair. She is a German Shepard/chow mix.. but she eats grass and doesn't really chew it so it is a whole piece of grass stuck in her butt and it bothers her, for some reason she went to my grandfather also. My poor grandfather was so mad. He yelled at us saying what is this.. Am I the personal butt cleaner for all dogs? We were laughing so hard we were ALL crying. He was convinced we trained the dogs to go only to him. Sadly enough though when my current dog asked for help she knew my grandfather was in the bathroom so she banged on the door till he opened it for her and she showed him her booty.. He was devastated.
Thanks for the good laugh this morning! That is hilarious!
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Old Nov 8, 2008, 07:29 PM
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Heehee...I call them Willnots...as in will not let go! Usually the only time we have problems is if there is a water change issue, especially Squirt. He seems to be more sensitive to food or water changes and when that happens they usually have to get a butt hosing in the tub! Even the poop chute would not help in that situation He will let me know when he does have a willnot, he sits down immediately when he comes in the house. When that happens I know I have to have a look!

Cliff & Michele
Squirt & Boston(R.I.P.2012) both bred in NovaScotia, Canada (Masumico, Shelhaven)
And new to the family in sept 2012, Amaley "Fritter" by the lake..from Headingley,MB.

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