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Old Jul 9, 2014, 09:48 PM
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Gavin spent his first 6 years in a second floor apartment. He just slept during the day, and woke to bark at the UPS man and FedEx man (I webcam'd him to check). Most of my neighbors said they didn't mind him, he didn't bark much, and it was nice to know there was a dog that would alert to strange things. My one neighbor who complained, well....after I covered my windows during the day to minimize the barking, his place got robbed while his girlfriend was in the shower. Just saying..if my dog wasn't sequestered that would not have happened! And then he got deported for overstaying a visa (probably came out due to police report).

Gavin got more exercise in the apartment because I couldn't rely on a yard. Although, my late night walking attire left much to be desired :D
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Old Jul 9, 2014, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by take4roll10 View Post
Same here. A friend and I have started posting on Instagram what we wore to walk our dogs.
That's hilarious! My neighbors see a lot of my pilates kit and breeches (some looks with those) ... and just how late I stay in my PJs now that I'm out of grad school

There's been a couple of threads on keeping Shelties and apartment living. When we got Olive we lived in a typical pet-friendly college apartment and now we live in a young professional and family condo complex. We haven't gotten complaints at either location even though she does bark. She's too cute and otherwise well-behaved.

My biggest complaints are pretty any part of apartment living- you're close to your neighbors and can hear a lot (a problem if you have a reactive dog), limited outdoor space (we have a dog park but that's it for fenced space, otherwise we share a courtyard with some rude dog owners who don't believe in leashes), and you have less escape from the neighbor dogs.
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