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Old Apr 13, 2014, 05:15 AM
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Default Fish every day?

Hi All,

I thought I scored recently when the local $ store had Jack Mackeral in those 14 oz bags http://i01.i.aliimg.com/photo/v0/590...l_in_Pouch.jpg
Bought about 20 of them and 16 cans of wild caught sardines.

My understanding is that Jack Mackeral is on the lower end of mercury as they are not an apex predator like King Mackeral, etc. Also, sardines seem to be lower on the scale as well.

I am just not able to keep a raw fed routine here full time, as the DW is a nurse and simply does not want to believe the boy won't get salmonella poisoning....

My understanding is that since the mackeral and sardines are already cooked in can/bag, they can be treated as somewhere in between raw and kibble.

I'm willing to spend the $/day for one meal of fish, since he goes nuts over it. Not sure if there is reason to worry about mercury though. From some of the sled dog sites I've read, seems like lots of people feed fish almost solely, or year round.

My other concern is salt. I would like to believe draining the brine out, and letting it sit in the bowl with filtered water which is then emptied will reduce sodium through osmosis.

Or I can just knock it back to 3x week.
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