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Old Nov 21, 2013, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by corbinam View Post
I guess the cost of the dehydrated raw makes it hard for me to pull the trigger on a big change like that. Also, it sort of weirds me out that the dogs just eat mush. Wouldn't it be really bad for their teeth to not chew?
Yes, but you can give them bones or things to chew on to break it up. Trust me, within a month of feeding Miko homecooked food, his teeth were BAD!!! I never realized how much kibble actually did help. He wasn't a bone chewer (not a chewer at all), so nothing I gave him really did much. Brushing it was. Which he hated.

And to your question about Grasslands, the Grasslands was the first time I was able to pinpoint that it was definitely food-related. Bentley has been sick probably at least once a month for the past year or so (and we rotate flavors), typically uncontrollable diarrhea for several days, and then it resolves. That's why I thought it might be good to try something totally different.
Have you tried any of the other varieties? Or was it just those two you switched to? I'm assuming you weaned him from one to the other? I know with Miko, if I didn't wean very slowly, OMG, it was bad. He had very sensitive tummy since I rarely switched food (allergies). I just figured if it's only Grasslands, there's got to be something in there. HOWEVER!!!! Grasslands was the only one that would upset Koji's tummy too, but this was when they had some issues and pulled it, or stopped production.

So again, I guess I can't say for sure that it's the Acana, but I have one dog with recurring stomach problems, and the other with recurring allergies, so I figure the easiest thing to try is a new food :)
I would really try the LID foods if cost is a factor and with two dogs, I can only imagine what something like HK or even Sojos would cost. Heck, any dehydrated food is expensive.

How fast can you tell if they're stomach gets upset? I'm wondering, because for awhile, I was buying either 1lb bags, if they had them, or getting samples. Because buying 4-5lb bags was expensive if I couldn't return it. I'm thinking of ways you can figure out what will work, w/o spending a ton of money like I was, lol.
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