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Old Apr 8, 2014, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Bradt9881 View Post
The down ear may need bracing. You can glue to fur on the inner sides together to make a bridge in addition to the tips down, or use something like moleskin to brace them.
Or you could just decide that prick ears are okay - if this isn't a show dog how the ears are is merely a personal choice.

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Old Apr 8, 2014, 07:13 PM
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Coat looks perfectly normal for the age. Don't be fooled by pictures on the internet....many of these pictures are show dogs and they have been poofed and chalked to make the most of what coat they have. Nothing wrong with that, but not for everyday!

As for hypothyroidism.....well, I'm not an expert, but I've certainly lived with it. By 6 year old Bacca died in February, not from hypo but liver disease, by his was also hypothyroid.

Here is what I learned:

- Shelties ARE in fact in the top 10 for having these disease
- Most hypothyroidism is not diagnosed until later in life when they finally start to exhibit external signs (e.g. poor coat, weight gain, lethargy)
- But in reality, most dogs actually have the disease FAR younger then when they are diagnosed. It was fluke that we discovered this in Bacca. I had to bring him to emergency because he mouth and suddenly swollen up when he was about 16 months old or so. Routine bloodwork revealed that he was already hypo.
- For this reason, I'm personally in favour of early testing.
- Hypothyroidism is not a death sentence. It is perfectly treatable with meds, regular bloodwork, and good diet.
- Staying on top of it though is necessary. If things get out of whack, the dog can quickly develop nasty skin funk. Bacca lost most of his undercoat and had huge bald patches in a very short period of time. One 6 week dose of anti-biotics and his coat came back fine.

Just to be clear....Bacca's death was perhaps complicated by him being hypothyroid, but it was the liver that was the ultimate cause.

I hope this helps.
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