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Old Jan 14, 2014, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by ClantyreSheltie View Post
Put them in crates or in an ex-pen when you leave.
This to me really is the only option. All of my dogs back in PA have always been crated their whole lives when we're not home. When Honey moved from PA to NC with me, I decided she won't be crated anymore. She scratches her eyes off of crates causing her eyebrows to bleed, hair gone, scabs, no whiskers kind of scratching off. Unfortunately, my parents didn't trust her enough to let her out of her crate when they were at work (8+ hours). They also thought she was the one peeing in the house everywhere.

Since I brought Honey to NC she only touches a crate when maintenance people will need in my apartment. Her eyebrows have healed, still missing fur, but her whiskers came back. She has never once peed or chewed up anything. She actually just sleeps on the couch all day .

That being said, Ruutu will be one of those dogs that gets to live in a crate until he's much much older. He chews our baseboards all the time and that's with us watching him. They're actually pretty covered in hot sauce and I honestly think this dog loves hot sauce. We leave them out by themselves for maybe 5-20 minutes if we go over to my neighbor's apartment, but that's the longest I'll leave him out.
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Old Jan 14, 2014, 10:15 AM
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If they are behaving this way only when left alone, then you have to consider that it's separation anxiety. They are upset that you are not there and don't feel safe or secure with you out of the house for extended periods.

I would crate them. We do. We didn't crate our first dog (made a lot of other mistakes, too) and he chewed up carpets, steps, door moldings ... didn't matter. When we were home, other than stealing socks from the hamper and tissues from the trash can, he never exhibited any destructive behavior. Our current three, two Shelties and a Schipperke sleep in their crates and are perfectly happy to be in them or not. (I have a webcam on them so I can monitor when I'm not home. )

From what I've seen and come to understand about dogs is that the correct sized crates make them feel protected and secure if implemented properly. Crates should be a fun place and can't be used as a punishment ... ever. Crating pups is relatively easy. Older dogs who haven't been crated might take a little work and a lot of patience. You also have to remember that all dogs have their own personalities and may or may not adapt easily to changes in behavior. Sudden changes is almost always met with some form of anxiety reaction, so gradual steps work best in most cases.
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Old Jan 15, 2014, 12:03 PM
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F-kap threw up a big wad of hair this morning. I've got a feeling I know where it came from. I've got a pice of scrap rabbit fur that I used in a craft project. I'll pin up all the dogs but one and leave the rabbit where my fox was and rotate the dogs every time I leave the house. I'm almost certain it was F-kap that did it, but I want to be sure. The little stink pot, he's the luckiest guy on earth that he's my heart dog.
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Old Mar 2, 2014, 02:44 AM
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Default To stuff or not to stuff

Luckily, my Mac is pretty laid back while we are at work. In 2 years, the worst that has happened is that he chewed up a pair of hubby's old glasses. Warned the hubby but he didn't listen. How he knows better. Otherwise, on those days when Mac is feeling his oats, he practices taking the stuffing out of grandpa's old throw pillow. Chewed off one corner early on, and ever since it has been almost a game ... I'll take it out so you can put it back in. Just the one pillow. No others. That's fine with me.

When the grandpuppies are over, that's another story. And when Mac visits them, watch out! Sounds like my sister and me when young. She would cook up the idea, I would execute and get in trouble.
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