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Old May 13, 2014, 09:59 AM
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Default girls

I am on my 3rd sheltie of my life...my first two girls were polar opposites in nature. My 1st was fearless, had a very "I am superior" attitude to all dogs. It was hilarious, but she was SUPER smart. Not much of a cuddler, but always wanted to be close. She came to us when we were at the breeder. The 2nd came over to check us out so that did it- she was family. Not much on smarts, but beautiful and loving, very much wanted to be cuddled, and wasn't very interested in anything but being adored by anyone. More reserved, but if you passed her test she expected to be held by you, ha. Highly protective of the family, and a very good judge of character. My latest I held days after being born....she lost her brother, so the only one in the litter. Went back every week to visit, and we bonded, took her home at almost 8 wks. Not sure where her personality is going, but very friendly, sweet, and enjoys being held. I don't like yappy dogs, or barkers, and luckily for me, mine weren't. But then I don't encourage barking. I like that sheltie's are a companion breed, and they want to please their owners. My 1st two chose us, my latest was a result of being on waiting lists...(times have changed in the process, ha) But I think she is the "right" one. I wanted one that didn't resemble the others. Our 1st was sable and white, our 2nd was a tri-color beauty, and Kaleigh looks more like a border collie, she is black and white, with smidges of sable. I think she might get a sister soon. I think it is all about bonding with your pet...whether they chose you or you chose them, shelties aim to please and will if given the opportunity. :-)
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