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Old Apr 12, 2014, 09:12 PM
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Default Post Exercise "Funk"/ Weekly Shampoo

I've started taking Olive with me on my runs (which turn into mostly power walk because how dare I make the princess move faster than 4.5 mph ) Well, she smells more than a little funky after doing at least a half marathon each week.

Is there a shampoo that's designed for dogs that are bathed frequently? Her coat looks so much better now that we're not doing weekly medicated baths (allergies) but that funk... is there a better way?
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Old Apr 12, 2014, 10:19 PM
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A good quality dog shampoo can be used weekly (I like the Plush Puppy range).

Not sure if the smell is coming from the skin or coat. I don't like dog smell so give mine regular 'rinses' to get rid of the doggy smell as a large part of that comes from the outer coat. I use the Plush Puppy Seabreeze oil but you can probably use doggy conditioner, put some in a bucket with water, get a big car sponge and just sponge down the outer coat. Works a treat, they dry off quickly and they're lovely and fresh for another week.
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Old Apr 14, 2014, 07:52 PM
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I would not bath weekly....too hard on the skin.

I would get a leave in shampoo and dilute it about 1:4 parts. Spritz the dog and brush out.

This should alleviate the doggie smell and also help you keep on top of regular brush outs. i.e. Sheltie pants!
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