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Old Jul 18, 2014, 05:11 PM
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Katie the Diva was fairly low energy - she just wanted to sleep on my (her) bed all day, but would go ballistic if she saw a motorcycle, bicycle or another dog. She wasn't very interested in toys and fetch was beneath her dignity!
Laddie was also a very laid-back boy, maybe due to his medical issues, but he was happy to go into his "man-cave" (under the corner table) or snooze in front of his fridge (guarding his food box!!).
Lady is half and half. She doesn't walk...she runs! Gets crazy zoomies around the house and loves her toys and to fetch (she is learning the names of her toys...fox and sheep). She also waits for me to leave for work in the AM and then takes over my (her) bed and will happily snooze there until I get home.
Lady: 6 y/o sable and new addition (the "dainty one")
At the Bridge: Beloved Katie - 16 years, 8 months. In our hearts forever.
Laddie: 8 y/o One-Eyed Cookie Thief (and Casanova!). Until we meet once more.
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Old Aug 6, 2014, 10:09 PM
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Our Toby has always been a lazy kid, but he was like that since he was a puppy. His favorite place to nap for hours is on top of his air vent affectionately named Wendy. He goes to the dog park to say hi to the people and hit them up for snuggles, not to play!

I would be more concerned of changes in behavior. We had Toby's thyroid checked when he was 2 as part of a normal work up (he actually joined our family while living overseas in middle of nowhere China, so when we got back to the US we opted to run a gamut of testing for peace of mind in the previous standard of vet care) and everything was normal.

However, over the last month he hasn't had his bursts of 'nighttime crazies', has seemed to enjoy walks less, is slower with bringing balls back, is shedding more than ever and is panting a lot. We had his thyroid rechecked and his levels are slightly low (.8 instead of 1-3).

So, for us, a lazy sheltie was totally normal, but him becoming even lazier was not ;)
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Old Aug 11, 2014, 04:43 PM
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Please don't wait too long. It's simple blood work and if truly hypothyroid which is common in Shelties, it is very treatable. Your and your baby's quality of life will be better for it.
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