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Old Jul 1, 2014, 11:08 AM
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Of course, it's so much fun getting the weird looks when you exclaim, "GOOD PEEING!!!"
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Old Jul 4, 2014, 08:42 AM
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My dog will pee/poop on any surface with or without a leash and can go on command.

I started by teaching my dog to pee on leash in the yard to avoid distractions or self-rewarding by running around. When she was more mature and got the idea, I was able to remove the leash in my yard. At the time, my yard had grass, rocks, and cement, so I was able to train her on different surfaces. In addition to potty breaks in the yard, I walk my dog on leash every day, so she always had the opportunity to go on leash.

I also trained my dog to pee and poop on command. This is so useful for when you are in a rush and need your dog to do her business quickly. Very easy to train as well. As my dog was peeing I would say "go bathroom" and when she was done "good bathroom" and reward her. For poop, I say "go poop". My favorite thing about shelties is that they pick up word associations very quickly.

Never had an issue with my dog preferring one surface, leash or no leash, etc. we travel often to visit relatives or go to agility shows, so she has no choice, but to go wherever I ask her and she was easily trained to that.
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