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Old Jul 21, 2014, 09:54 AM
JacqueZ JacqueZ is offline
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Originally Posted by Sumac3890 View Post
LOL Our first sheltie Lady had a partner in crime in our cat Sam. We would get donuts and Sam would knock them on the floor for he and Lady to enjoy! It was not good for them but very comical.

My two if the pantry door is open they go in looking for treats, can't get to them but they do try. Sam used to bite at the door to get it open.
Honey and kitty used to do this with the treats, I would keep them on the counter or the fridge and the cat would go up and fish them out of the box to drop on the floor.

Luckily shelties do not seem to be very sneaky about being bad and it was fairly easy to catch them in the act.
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Old Jul 22, 2014, 08:17 AM
MissyGallant MissyGallant is offline
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Originally Posted by jomuir View Post
I'm glad to see my dogs aren't the only rascals out there! Donuts? Cupboard chewing? I can see mine doing those things too. Arbitration could work, but FUBU has some crazy rules and I am NOT telling my shelties about FUBU, it would work in their favor not mine
Good grief! Can you imagine? It would be very, very bad for us humans if the two teamed up.
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