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Old Apr 27, 2014, 07:27 PM
ferg ferg is online now
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Smile Photo Shoot

Guess we find something to be thankful for every day we have the opportunity to own CHIP.

I have said in other posts, CHIP is always on when the camera is out.

This little guy just poses like he never knew anything else.

I have taken thousands of photos over the years, at least 50% of them border line. Occasionally you get a great pic of a kid, dog, whatever. The only bad pics I get of CHIP are the ones I screw up. I never try to get him to pose. I have the camera to my eye at all times. With digital you can shoot to your heart's content. Allow your Sheltie to do the acting. No commands just watch them. Chances are he or she will quit watching the camera and begin doing whatever they like.

You relax, they relax. What makes you think that dog is any different than your human baby. Couldn't get them to pose either HUH?
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Old Apr 27, 2014, 11:58 PM
Greenepony Greenepony is offline
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High value words and sounds are the only way to get Olive's ears up - "cookie", "Albuquerque" (sounds like cookie), veggies being chopped, the freezer door being opened, and a ziploc bag being opened. It still takes quick timing since she'll usually drop them back immediately. DH has made it his mission to teach her the "focus fox" hand signal and command for ears but I'm not convinced it'll work.
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