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Old Feb 9, 2014, 10:45 AM
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Default The personality of our dogs

Have you ever really considered the personality of your dogs? Having multiple dogs has made me realize how individual they really are. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, just like ours. It would be interesting to hear your read on your dogs.

Emma - she is my love. She has gotten me through some pretty tough days. She is my "old" dog in a young dog body. She has what I call far-seeing eyes. She sees things that are hidden, that are not apparent. She is like her great-grandma in this. People comment on her eyes - how deep she sees. She picks up on illnesses, death, when I am not feeling well. She will target an area of my body (hands, neck) that are hurting. She also is the head of the house of dogs - I don't mean an alpha dog, but she is the top dog. She puts the others in their place when needed. If she was a person, I would say she has compassion, empathy, second sight. She would have been a doctor, nurse.

Liam - my darling dog. He is the one who gets me moving, makes me play. He is also my cuddler - he loves to get up on me and have a hug. He is my protector - protecting the house from noises, the yard from birds, etc. We have been through a lot, him and I - life-threatening condition, surgery, grief. He feels deeply and if he was a person, I would say he internalizes. He is my goofy one. If he was a person, I would say he would be the instigator of fun, the one who has to have cuddles, the needy one, the guardian of the group. He would have been in law enforcement.

Natalie - my sweetpea. She is the more reserved of the dogs, shy around people. She is a toublemaker. She loves to play. She also monitors the others, making sure they come in, they go out, that they get their food when they should. She gets so excited when it is meal time, she runs circles around the table, me, the others. She is also sensitive, picking up on my moods. If I get upset with them and speak in a louder than normal voice, she hides. If Natalie was a person, she would be the one analyzing everything, the leader, the teacher's assistant. She would be a psychologist or teacher.

I love all my babies so much. I couldn't imagine not having them.
Ronna, loved by
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Aberdale's Smooth as Glass CGN NTD (Liam)
Aberdale's Unforgettable CGN NTD (Natalie)
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Old Feb 9, 2014, 11:39 AM
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Quasar was my first - my beloved, my therapy dog, my slightly sad one, my deep contemplative soul, my love everyone and everything dog, the dog I had waited my whole young life for. My reason for taking the next breath after being physically attacked 10 years ago next week.

Holly - was our mis-wired pistol. Wired to bite first and and ask questions later. My equal, our protector, our liability. If you worked within her system, she was a good dog in control of everything in her universe. If you understood her, you could count on her.

Mayson - my SD after being attacked 10 years ago and being afraid to leave the house. My constant companion, my giant happy rock solid take anywhere do anything boy while I healed. He left when he knew I was OK though way before I wanted him to. Once in a life-time kind protector.
Shay -- my very worried puppy. Constantly watching for someone doing something wrong, ridiculously in tune with me, dad, and grandma, our rock through the loss of my dad, so timid and passive all dogs go after him on sight. I believe it is because he is a person and not a dog. He is ridiculously smart and learns something in one repetition. Our Prince of the Universe. Our special, special one.

Melli -- my mini Mayson when it comes to her responsibility to be near me, the boss lady at home, the one who thinks she should discipline Shay. She is my dog that has things to do yet. I have not tapped her fully yet, but she will be the alpha should there be just Shay or a dozen other dogs. Kind to the cats though. Flatly refuses to diet. Massive fear of car rides. We will see how far I can take her this year. She was great in school in the fall, hoping she has not lost behavior over winter.
Cara -- Mom2Melli & Shay
Lady Melody Rose - Black Tri Sheltie
Shaman Von Raesfeld - GSD Mix
Aussies at the Bridge - Quasar (blue merle), Holly (black tri), & Mayson (red tri)
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Old Feb 9, 2014, 09:08 PM
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Back when I had multiple cats, living in the country, and one Sheltie, I used to think that cats had more distinct personalities than dogs.

. . . then I ended up with multiple dogs in my home . . .

After years of domestication, I find the pack mentality of multiple dogs still carries on.

I do feel that they see me as their leader (after all, I control their food and treats :)

For example, 15 1/2 year old Wendell has always been my Alpha dog. But as he ages, I see Jonesie Dream becoming more bossy with my dogs. She is preparing herself for the Alpha role, although she still respects Wendell.

My other three, will always acquiesce to Wendell and Jonesie Dream.

It has gotten really interesting when I have brought foster dogs in, who also want to be in charge. But for the most part, they find their place, and they get along peacefully.

I have mentioned this before, but a female Alpha dog is to be reckoned with.
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Old Feb 13, 2014, 11:22 AM
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I'm kinda surprised more folks haven't responded to this thread. Who can pass up an opportunity to describe our dogs?

Asta - my big girl came home at 10 weeks old to be a sister to 13 year old Skye. She learned from "the master" as we like to say. Asta has always been kind of a serious dog. She was respectful and gentle with Skye even as a puppy. It was a great combo. Asta is an old soul. She looks deep into your eyes, many dog people have remarked on it. She loves agility and barks her way around the course. Her favorite thing is to get to the top of the teeter and pose! She and I have a special ritual where I sit in the reclining chair and pull her up on my lap, usually on a rainy indoor day. Then she zonks out and I (try to) read, until the coziness of it all zonks me out! This dog also loves snow. She's been in it 3 times and just goes nuts. She and Ally are extremely bonded.

Ally - her name is All You Need is Love, but it should be She's All That! My littlest girl is the more independent thinker. She is not a cuddler unless she is really tired or overwhelmed (at our friend's house with the 8 Collies). She is a feisty little girl, but also sweet and gentle. She sounds ferocious while playing tug with me! For her, agility is ho-hum and she entertains folks while on the course by picking and choosing what she'll do. Ally has a million nicknames and knows most of them. She loves her big sister Asta and they are nearly always together, often touching. She has a little rivalry going with Brooke, though.

Brooke - this is the most devoted, loving and affectionate dog I've ever had. Her personality reminds me of a Golden Retriever. She loves to give kisses, leans on you, paws you for attention, and sometimes will just press her forehead on you leg. She is really, really smart and picks things up quickly, and is incredibly responsive. If you call her name, she responds immediately. This girl is my enthusiastic barker. If I talk to the other girls, she barks. If we're going for a walk, she barks, spins and circles us. She is adaptable but made it clear from the beginning she was taking over our couch! She does not seem to care for puppies and their antics, ironically enough since she had 3 litters! Brooke respects Asta and has a little competitive rivalry with Ally, but I do find Ally and Brooke laying down touching each other at times.
Asta (the Big Girl)
Ally (the Pipsqueak)

Brooke (the New Girl)
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Old Feb 21, 2014, 10:52 AM
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I have loved reading this! Makes me smile and I think I know each one of these dogs a little bit from your writing.

I am so intrigued by these little people in fur coats. So smart, so individual!

let me introduce Justus...

A gigantic goony bird, a heart as big as his head. Affectionate, with moon pie eyes that bend me to his will... and enough quirks and drama to make life interesting. He loves other dogs, plays well with others but always comes running when I call. He will forego the beloved tennis ball for a cookie, will turn himself inside out for a drop of peanut butter. He is my best friend and never keeps his opinons to himself! Can become clownish in the obedience ring, and has his own ideas about how an agility course should be run!

I fear I will have another one just like him, and am terrified I won't!
UCD Keep'n The Peace UD RE ASCA UD "Bobby"
Lily Lu, the Lhasa Apso
UCD "Redemptions Am I Blue" Justus,BN,RA,CGC
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Old Feb 21, 2014, 11:41 AM
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Dickens: the gentlest, best-behaved, most beautiful dog I've ever owned.
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Old Feb 21, 2014, 11:51 AM
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Annie Laurie: Loves us all, but lives for her Daddy. Comforter of the ill, co-napper and all around Hall Monitor to the World. I think she'll live to 102.

Bits: Our star athlete who would be an Olympian if she were a human. Despite crippling arthritis, she continues to play her sport. The ball is all.

Beckon: My gentle giant, my Big Guy. You all know him as Colonel Underpants. He loves me so much it scares me.

Layla: My soul, my guide, my precious princess girl with a heart so great. She gives so much to the Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed -- I am in awe of her generosity and compassion.
Nattering Springs Shelties
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