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Old Aug 18, 2014, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Mom2Melli View Post
Does it matter the cause? Or what percentage is from within or without? Same effect if it gets the job done...
I'm thinking it does matter, but only if there will be an effort to stem the tide of the negative spiral. If we are going to allow the evil forces to win, then it really doesn't matter. My guess is that over the course of history, wars have been lost because forces were deployed to stop an enemy from without, when the destruction was actually from within. It's a matter of how best to channel efforts and deploy forces to hold on to what we want to keep.

Originally Posted by Mom2Melli View Post
In this case, are we Maple Street or Stopover in a Quiet Town? Or is it both simultanously? Yea, I know my Twilight Zone.
I'll admit, you do know your Twilight Zone and I for one am VERY impressed! I'm thinking "Monsters are Due on Maple Street". Somewhat apropos to our discussion, since (if memory serves) the twist at the end was that the culprits weren't really aliens, but some sort of military government experiment (inside job) to see if the locals could be trusted to hold it together as a cohesive group. Experiment failed. "Stopover" was the one where the couple ended up in the little girl's toy box. Her giggling always gave me the willies. BTW, I hope that you will take this as the complement it is meant to be: You have as wonderfully warped mind as I have - with your TZ memory and all.
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Old Aug 18, 2014, 08:49 PM
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