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Old Sep 26, 2013, 07:12 AM
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It is usually yeast and less commonly bacterial infections. It is almost always secondary to something the most common cause is allergies.
That's interesting.

Day 2 on Thornit and Merlin is showing good signs of improvement, no more scratching. Very occasional shaking.

Thornit is an old medicine described as for treating canker in dogs and cats. I heard of it through the gundog folks, labs and spaniels being notorious for getting bad ears. It isn't just for mites, but that is one of the things it will treat. My friend's lab suffered chronic ear infections, to the point it was causing behavioural issues, each dose of ABs from the vet would clear it for a while and then it would return. So she tried Thornit and his ears cleared up.

Allergies is interesting because Merlin gets really fidgety about fleas to the point he chews his skin raw, and it is always this time of year problems begin.
In the past I have had to give a mild anti-histamine to combat this.
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Old Sep 26, 2013, 11:03 PM
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Gavin's ear is looking better every day. The pink color continues to lessen. Still not scratching. Could have been allergies due to the house I was dogsitting at for 3 weeks earlier this month. Hopefully he continues to improve...
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