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Old Feb 2, 2014, 08:57 AM
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My boy has and always will have GI issues. He also needs a low fat food. I have him on Blue Protection formula, whitefish and sweet potato I think. He will burp, and the smell is atrocious. He uses a divided bowl to slow down the eating. I also put him on a probiotic - FortiFlora when there is a need. Before you switch foods again, try the probioitic as suggested, the slowing down of the eating, a snack before bed. If he has acid reflux, an empty stomach will exacerbate the vomiting and reflux.
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Old Feb 18, 2014, 09:51 PM
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Default Update on my girl's progress & thanks to everyone

Just wanted to thank everyone for the suggestions and let you know that my girl Ginger's bloodwork was good except for (I believe the vet said an enzyme) that was an indicator of a possible ulcer. She gave me a 10 day supply of a stomach coating medication that she said would settle and aid in the healing of an ulcer, which I gave her (along with the Pepcid). I also cut the kibble down and supplemented it with a little white rice and boiled chicken. Did this for the 10 days she was on med and no throwing up (yeah). I have eased her back over to the kibble (which I had been mixing with the Blue Buffalo sensitive to work on transitioning her to that food). We have continued with the Pepcid half hour prior to meals and are at about three weeks out now and no accidents so far. All of this has happened around my computer acting up (which is why I haven't posted until now), and 3 days without electricity due to a snow storm two weeks ago! and we keep getting MORE snow. I can't even take my poor girl outside by the normal door we use. I am sick to death of this winter! The probiotic that was suggested interests me and I'm going to do some research on that as well as ways to slow her eating. Thanks again.
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Old Feb 19, 2014, 01:01 AM
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Interesting about the ulcer as I didn't think a dog would get an ulcer if they hadn't been on other medication that upset their stomachs. Both mine get ulcers on and off (because of NSAIDs) and I have them on Carafate and Losec.
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