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Old Aug 15, 2014, 08:06 PM
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Deska has now had several bouts of HGE. The first one was the scariest because we were at an interstate comp with no car and were not allowed to leave the show grounds - thank god for a celebrity vet who appeared at the show marshalled some on call vets. The next 2 times I was around home, knew the signs and got him straight to the vet and onto meds and a drip. I now keep an emergency supply of the meds at home to give it to Deska at signs of bleeding.

Deska is on NSAIDs so that contributes to him having a sensitive stomach. If there wasn't any particular stressor that could have contributed I'd look at what she ate that day and the day before. See if she has any sensitivity to particular food. Cut out fatty foods and 'snacks' - you'll want her on a bland, gentle diet for a while when she comes home anyway.

HGE is just awful, I've got pics of Deska when he had the HGE at the Sydney Easter Show (they were in the newspaper) and he looks absolutely miserable. I didn't realise until I got home from that incident just how deadly it can be - I met a couple of people who had lost their dogs to it. Glad your dad was home and quick thinking when it happened.
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