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Old Mar 17, 2014, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by orcaluvur View Post
I am planning ontaking my 10 month old CHW boy to a show in Dade City FL March 15-16. I will post pictures soon!!

1) does anyone know any of these judges?
Mar 15; S1 Antonio Rapaso Entries 8-8:30 am Show 9 am
Mar 15; S2 Roland Pelland Entries 8-8:30 am Show 9:30 am
Mar 16; S1 Helena Engelauf Entries 8-8:30 am Show 9 am
Mar 16; S2 Theresa Werder Entries 8-8:30 am Show 9:30 am

2) is there only one judge per show that judges every breed?

3) since there are two shows a day that start at the same time, how do you know what time you go into each ring? I have heard there is a not a schedule.

4) what do people normally wear? I have not shown in any club conformation, but i have attened AKC shows. I would like o dress somewhat nicley in a skirt and a nice top/ but not a suit.

5) are judges normally picky about measuring dogs in the ring? My boy is right at 16", but i know there are lots of dogs in AKC that are WAY over size and still win.
So how did you weekend showing go??!!
Irish Hill
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