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Old Jun 27, 2014, 08:35 AM
MissyGallant MissyGallant is offline
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Default SUBU! Send in the TROOPS NOW

Annabelle here- I needs the troops. Some hjorrible thing called werk keeps steeling my MOMA! She's tired and don't wanna leaf me. But she says she hassa go to werk! And I can't go wff her! I ken go everywhere wiff her. but not dis werk place. Werk muss be a horroible place if shelties can't go there.
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Old Jun 27, 2014, 08:43 AM
Jess041's Avatar
Jess041 Jess041 is offline
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Annabelle, mommas have to go to work to bring home the kibble and cookies! How else are we supposed to maintain this lifestyle as spoiled Shelties?

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Old Jun 27, 2014, 08:56 AM
Harbour Harbour is offline
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Location: Miamisburg
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Annabelle, my momma leafs me to go to werk also. I nos it has to be horrioble place as she sad to leaf me. Not sure whats to do, she seys she have to goes sos I have food ands toys. Shelties need to be let go to werk, it would make momma's must happier.
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Old Jun 27, 2014, 09:17 AM
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Mom2Melli Mom2Melli is offline
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My momma works from home now, but she says looooonnnnngggg ago her very first Aussie, Quasar, used to go to her classroom because he was a therapy dog and they let him come keep the kids calm. He loved it. You should go to work with your momma! But you have to be very very quiet.

~ Melli
Cara -- Mom2Melli & Cubby & Shay
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Old Jun 27, 2014, 09:26 AM
ute_fan ute_fan is offline
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Location: Utah
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Callie here. I agree that we shud go to werk with our Mamas. My Mama says her werk won't let her have dog because her werk makes medical supplies, and the FDA won't allow dogs in because we shed. We're Shelties! It's not our fault our pretty fer falls out!

She says maybe if they made hare nets for dogs I could go, but I don't want to wear something like that. It makes me sad
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Old Jun 27, 2014, 09:59 AM
JacqueZ JacqueZ is offline
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Akron, Ohio
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Annabelle, I am sorry your person needs to go away to work. My girl is home with me almost always, even if she does spend to much time in the stoopid swiveling sleep place, and so I am a lucky Sheltie.

Some days she has to go away to work and I get to go too. She says I help make people comfortable, and I am good at getting the little people pups attention. I like those days, we are at the park and I try my hardest to be a good helpful sheltie!

(sometimes though, there are just such good smells I forget, and one time I was so distracted I fell off a bridge and scared everyone!)

Other days she has to go away to work and does not take me. She spends alllllll morning packing up lots and lots of stuff and ignoring me! And then she drops me off at grandmas, and she is gone forever and ever and ever. I try to find her in case she is playing hide in seek, but grandpa yells at me to "Stop That Pacing!", so I suppose she is not just being very sneaky. She does not get home until after bedtime and then she is to tired to play.

When our people come home from work it is our job to give them lots and lots of kisses and let them know we spent the whoooole day missing them, and waiting for them to come home, and that we never ever ever want them to go away again! That is what makes them happiest! (I do this by giving her a few nose nibbles, nose nibbles are always a good way to show she's important)

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Old Jun 27, 2014, 04:35 PM
Chris's Avatar
Chris Chris is offline
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Layla Sable here. When my Mamma worked, she took me mots of times. I even had my own bed in her office. I would sleep through her classes, just like the students!

Now she is retired and I have her nearly all the time. I really like it!!
Nattering Springs Shelties
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Old Jun 27, 2014, 05:13 PM
BarbV's Avatar
BarbV BarbV is offline
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Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Indy here....sorry Annabelle...we can't send troops or file complaints. Us older ones knows that our parents need to go out sumtimes to get our fud.

Ize been telling Callan this every time he gets locked up in his crate. Then I laughs because stupid puppy is locked in crate, and I is FREE! Hah!
Barb and "The Boys"
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Old Jun 27, 2014, 08:33 PM
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My sheep recently escaped for about 6 days. First he dropped me and Sca off to the party house. I thought we were staying for just a day so I could get everyone into line over there. I was kind of upset at first but Mom of Sheep feeds me more. Also she has this really tall grass that is wonderful to eat the ends off. She called them berries which I thought was a strange name for grass. But I am home now and sheep grazed the lawn flat with that big green thing. Now my belly does not get wet when I chase boomers. But now Sca is hogging the fan.

It is a tough life being The Spitfire!
Herded by Team S
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