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Old Feb 15, 2014, 09:32 PM
Calliesmom Calliesmom is offline
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Originally Posted by KarenW View Post
He is 12 weeks n was 8.5 when I took him to the vet 3 weeks ago I would say he is closer to ten now. I don't know if I cut back on food? Yes it might help with poo but he is always looking for food about every 6hours he seems hungry... Going to bowl pushing around standing next to cupboard food is in... His third n last meal is at 630 -7 Bed at 1030 by 530 am (we have early mornings..lol..)he's ready to go out n seems hungry.
What type of food do you all use? I started him on blue buffalo seemed ok little runny poops... Seemed less times a day but was afraid it was going to turn into diarrhea. Vet gave me bag of IVET he seemed to like this one more..consistent firm poops but a lot a day.. Almost done with bag n scanned pet smarts isle n can't decide. Any suggestions?
no idea what is in IVet....

my latest puppy, Destin, is a little over 7 months now and has been on Blue Buffalo Longevity since before I brought him home at 3 months old. he gets 1/2 cup am and 1/2 cup pm- haven't had any problems.

if you are shopping in Petsmart and don't have any other pet stores, then check out Wellness or Halo puppy foods....
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Old Feb 16, 2014, 08:06 PM
KarenW KarenW is offline
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Ok bought wellness puppy sp lets see how tht goes... Only thing is all the levels like protein ect are almost identical but ingredients seem like a a lot more in wellness than ivet so let's see how it goes thanks for your advice.
Prances mom
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