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Old Apr 21, 2014, 10:42 AM
JessicaR JessicaR is offline
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I think if you cant bother to train your own dog you probably either A, picked the wrong breed for you or B, shouldn't own a dog. I would much rather train my own dog then send them off to a trainer. I do know though that is very common practice for people who want their dog trained for a specific purpose such as personal protection, and even hunting.

The biggest reason dogs end up in shelters is people don't pick dogs on what would work best with their household instead they pick a dog based on looks. I know my kids have been begging for years for me to get a husky, yes they are beautiful dogs and I would love to have one BUT, I know that breed wouldn't be a good fit for our household, so I will never own one, even though every time I see a pup my heart just melts.
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Old Apr 21, 2014, 10:43 AM
Tagg Tagg is offline
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Knowing the number of pro handlers on the circuit on a personal basis, I wouldn't send my dog to any of them. The dogs are not kept as pets but live their lives as income earners. I've known a number of people that get dogs back with chronic urinary tract infections because they weren't ex'd enough while out on their weekend after weekend of shows. I showed my own dogs, wouldn't consider sending my studs to other kennels and even when I agreed to allow a very dear friend to have a litter from one of my bitches, the bitch whelped here were she was with the people she trusted most. There is no ribbon out there that would make me treat my dogs as something to bring me glory. That is the number 1 reason I was leery of selling show puppies or providing stud services.
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Old Apr 22, 2014, 10:35 AM
Internette Internette is offline
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In the 80's when my ex wanted a wiemerainer he also paid a ridiculous $600 for training. The dog was kept with the breeder for training for about weeks and he listened well to him but did very little for us. We weren't hunters and didnt live in the woods. We lived in the country for a bit but ended up in the city in a condo. I never had control over that dog. It was a nightmare experience and from then till Chauncey last year I did not have a dog. Funny how the right dog can be a pleasure and loved in your home.
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