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Old Apr 6, 2012, 03:41 AM
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Default Update

Well, took Alex and Xander to the vet today. They are 7 weeks old as of this past Tuesday. Alex is 4.4 lbs and Xander is 5.7 lbs. The vet says they are now old enough to start eating puppy food. They both got fecal tests done today, parvo/distemper shots, bordetella, dewormed, and a thorough exam. We had hoped it would go away, but so far it hasn't. Alex has a 2/6 heart murmer. There is still a chance it can go away, but as she gets older the chances become less. She also has rear dew claws that the vet wants us to get removed.

The vet said we can start kennel training her and leash training her, but that we still can't take her outside unless she is in our arms until she has finished her 2nd set of puppy shots, which won't be for another 3 weeks. They also said to let very limited amount of people touch her. They said that these precautions are because she was taken away from her mom at such an early age.

I will pass all of these instructions on to Xander's new Mommy and Daddy. We see them almost every day. They come over and play with and spoil Xander rotten. They can't wait to take him home with them.

So, in your opinion, is the vet right about all of this?
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Old Apr 6, 2012, 12:32 PM
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Absolutely!!! They're still vulnerable -- I didn't bring mine out until 12 weeks. It's just safer that way.
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