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Old Jul 7, 2014, 03:51 PM
Sealtainn Sealtainn is offline
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I feel like there is a lot of misleading or conflicting information out there.
It's not uncommon to hear or read online public comments from nationally recognized expert A to recommend waiting until some point, yet to learn in a less public way that the same expert will disregard their own public advice.
If questioned you get one of a few responses, like well this dog is special, or this dog is ready early, or, I'm *only* doing it for a short time, or I know what I'm doing & what my dog can do, most people don't really know even if they think they do, so let them wait longer etc.

The more of these experts I get insight from either directly, or 2nd hand from other respected trainers who seek advice from these experts, the more instances I learn that what their public position is and what their actual position is the more divergence I learn.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have seen comments online where there is widespread distaste for a video or a blog entry or something similar showing young puppies being trained on contacts, jumps, weaves etc.
Yet, "silently" there appears to be a growing adoption within some circles tied to leading professional trainers to start very early, much earlier than you'll see them making public.
I'm not thinking of just one or two or even just a handful.
I'm surprised at how common it appears to be.

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Old Jul 8, 2014, 07:42 PM
Simba13 Simba13 is offline
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Originally Posted by Toffee's Mom View Post
That is where your foundation has to be on par BEFORE you ever try to send her on to a contact...
for the teaching no 'butt passing' lol I always reward from the side you want her to be on, start by taking a step and reward from the side with the hand, try to never cross over your body to reward with the other hand.
take two steps-- reward, reward even while walking, always from the leading hand... work that on both sides of your body.
I also get the dog targeting my hand with their nose, and always reward for following me.. Third exercise I recommend ask the dog for a sit stay, walk a few steps away stand with your back to dog , look over the shoulder you want dog to come to and then name call to that side, feed from the side with that hand where you wanted her to go... always do that from both sides

teeter is a complex sequence I teach different dogs differently, depending on confidence of dog. One of the MAIN things is to get the dog accostomed to the 'BANG' so I play what is called the bang game... I also teach a 2 on 2 off FIRST on a board on the ground so that dog knows end behaviour is two backpaws on contact, two front paws off
The reason I got Nala into agility in the first place was because she is an extremely nervous dog and has little confidence around people (due to her treatment before she came to live with me). Since beginning contacts her confidence has grown. I am also extremely lucky to have a dog who never ever misses a contact !

Thank you very much for all of this advice, I'm going to get her started with targeting my hand right away. I think I will spend a good while getting her used to the bang as she is extremely scared of any loud noise. She does hear the teeter bang at every class when other dogs are doing it but she is always a good distance away. I will gradually move her closer.

I really appreciate all the advice
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