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Old Aug 5, 2014, 07:53 AM
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This is my "home" agility facility; I'm there at least once a month, sometimes two or three. Forgive me while I chime in here.

[QUOTE=seashel;314562So how many rings are there normally at the shows? I'm curious because at most of the shows I've been to there have been a minimum of 2 rings and generally 4-6. [/quote]

Honestly in the Northeast, it really depends on the venue. CPE, TDAA, and ASCA are usually 1 ring trials. USDAA and AKC are usually two ring trials IF the facility has the space for two rings.

The exceptions to this are national competitions where multiple rings are used in order to finish the classes at a reasonable hour each day.

I guess the show is indoors because it is too hot outside?
In this area 99% of all trials are held indoors. It can be hot, humid, rainy, snow, ice, cold, etc. People won't come out to trials if they know they will be in the elements. (Yeah, we're a bit spoiled by climate controlled facilities.)

Quite honestly, I LOVE the idea of being able to trial all year round in a facility with fantastic climate control. There is one facility about 1.5 hours from me that has A LOT of trouble filling their summer trials because they aren't air conditioned.

How do you find running on carpet compares with grass? It looked quite grippy but lots of UK dogs struggle when running on carpet because only a couple of shows a year (Crufts and Discover Dogs) have this surface.
This is artificial turf of the same quality professional sports teams use in their indoor training facilities. It's very grass like and has a LOT of rubber under it; in fact she just added more rubber late last year because of the original rubber was loosing it's spring. The owner of B&D Creekside really spared absolutely NO expense on making this facility as safe for the dogs to run on as possible.

The quality is so good she's had sports teams approach her to use the building for practice; everything from youth soccer to professional football.

I've spoken with a number of judges from different venues and ALL of them have stated this facility is the best one they have ever been to. From the lighting to the turf to the quality and maintenance of the equipment it's hands down the best place they've been. (Judge's words, not mine.) Add to that plenty of parking, trailer parking with electric and crating space you really can't beat it.
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Old Aug 5, 2014, 03:38 PM
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Default PA agility weekend

Originally Posted by Calliesmom View Post
Cran nov jww Sat video

Dixie's open jww on Sat didn't get video'd

Dix exc std Sat video

Dix open jww Sun video

we didn't get Cran's T2B on Sunday either- my video person was running right after us.....
Your Open JWW was nice except for the drop bar.I would have lead out to jump 3 though.Great job!!
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Old Aug 5, 2014, 05:05 PM
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Thanks for answering my questions . I would love to have somewhere like this to go to shows. In summer ours are all outside (and you know how unpredictable English weather can be!!) but in the winter weather most shows are held in riding schools where you can have all sorts of surfaces and generally come back rather dirty, plus they can be pretty cold. I often watch your videos and think how clean and nice the venues are and like the white fencing round the rings too.
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