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Old Nov 21, 2014, 08:41 PM
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Default yeppers humans definitely need trained these days!

Originally Posted by ute_fan View Post
I'd also recommend training too. We put Callie and her sister Shelby in a beginning obedience class (didn't find out about the puppy one until just a little too late), and they really benefited from the experience. I wish we'd gone on with the next classes, but my daughter who owns Shelby was expecting a human baby that conflicted with the next class so we decided to wait -- and even though the baby is now about 18 months old, we never did get back.

I keep thinking it would really benefit Callie to take another class, but I think it's the humans that need to be trained more than the dog.
I think anything that gets the communication going between your pet and you is valuable. I have always spent time trying to make my pet socialized, there are SO many two legged critters that are not trained in basic human behavior these days, and they think it is SO cute that their dogs are not trained. I use to walk in a park regularly and there were so many obnoxious owners that I quit going there. Because I got tired of separating their untrained dog from trying to attack my dog. I have pulled many dogs away from my dog over the years, because the owner couldn't/wouldn't control them. Not smart on my part not knowing the dog but I will protect my dog. It is usually the large dogs. And the STUPID comments, oh they are just being natural, ah NO...one guy was screaming at his dog, and so I SCREAMED at him and said does that HELP you to understand,then calmly stated, please remember dogs don't speak human so raising your voice doesn't make it any more understood, you have to spend QUALITY time with your dog and I can TELL you don't get that either. He was miffed but whatever. . In fact, I have noticed dogs that are yelled at, mostly ignore their masters. All our parks have signs saying dogs must be leashed, but that is ignored completely by people who have no control over their dogs, UGH. Some people don't DESERVE pets, because they don't get they are an investment of time, love, and energy. Training them is an act of love IMHO.
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Old Nov 21, 2014, 09:50 PM
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Over the years all three of mine have taken multiple classes. They all seemed to enjoy the experience and did well. I would do the same if/when I were to get another puppy.
Susan, Kassie, and Sir Dash
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Old Nov 21, 2014, 11:57 PM
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In my opinion, not training a dog is equivalent to not educating a child. Whether you take them to classes (school), hire a private trainer (tutor/home schooling) or send them to training school somewhere else (boarding school) depends upon your unique circumstances and what you hope to accomplish, but it's borderline abuse to do nothing in the way of training (again, just my opinion).
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