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Old Jun 26, 2014, 09:30 PM
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Shelby too is in her crate all day when we go to work. It was a long time before she could be trusted.

She loves being in her crate so we just continue to use it. I know 100% she could be trusted to not be in her crate, but it is where she is happy. We do leave her for extended amounts of time out of her crate on weekends and she causes no trouble. But during the week at 6am she runs upstairs and gets in her crate and eagerly waits for us to come up and close the door.

She also makes no noise at all in her crate. Not even when we get home. When we get home I go upstairs to let her out and most times she doesn't even want to get up, she acts as if I am bothering her.

As long as she wants to be in her crate we will continue to out her in it.
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