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Old Jul 1, 2014, 05:28 PM
roxyllsk roxyllsk is offline
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So I give her until my other dog finishes his food (maybe 2 minutes) to start eating her food. If she walks away, the food is taken away. If she doesn't start eating, the food is taken away. The first morning she got nothing for breakfast. I am pretty sure she was hungry and grumpy because she would not leave my other dog alone - she pestered the heck out of him. He was just trying to sleep ! But I didn't give in, she didn't get anything until dinnertime. She ate dinner much better.

I also have cut back on the amount of food she is getting.

And I got a bag of blue buffalo puppy / chicken and rice and have been adding a little of that to her regular kibble. Total amount is still less than before. (I wouldn't have chosen to feed her the Purina, but that is what the rescue people were feeding her and she always ate it well and has a nice coat and firm stools on it).

She's been eating a little better, but not much better. I'm not worried about her starving, I'm just concerned that she won't get enough calories as she is still growing.

And I've never had a sheltie sleep past 6am ! They've always woken me up because they wanted to eat !
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