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Old Jan 26, 2014, 06:58 PM
Fasb's Owner Fasb's Owner is offline
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Is it dangerous or just annoying? It's probably going to be a little tricky in frigid cold to clean them without taking off my gloves, and he'll probably not cooperate, if he holds to form.

We really don't go very far in the winter? I walk him a couple different directions, so, even on a longer walk, we're never more than a few minutes away from home.

God, I hate this weather.
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Old Jan 27, 2014, 09:59 PM
JacqueZ JacqueZ is offline
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Honey and I have been stuck taking our walks around the kitchen table this week. With windchill it's been below freezing for most of it, and as soon as she's in the snow for more than a minute she sits down and lifts her paws up because they're so cold. Than she shivers in my arms all the way back to the house.

This weekend warmed up a little, and I took her outside for three or four minute breaks, which was a relief to her cabin fever, but even with the slightly warmer temperatures she'd end up shivering by the end. Didn't even bother trying for a walk.

Her first winter I don't think it got much below 10 degree's so we didn't have any problem then, last winter she was on restricted movement from mid January to April, so I didn't notice any sensitivity like this.
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Old Jan 28, 2014, 06:31 PM
Calliesmom Calliesmom is offline
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it is cold today for South Alabama- 29-30 all day with freezing rain and sleet. the kids ran around for maybe 15 min the last time that they were out.......
the sleet showed up best on Jocu
supposed to have snow later tonight and still cold tomorrow.
this area is basically shut down until it warms up on Thu- we have no snowplows or salt trucks. the road crews have put sand on the main roads/bridges but we have stayed in all day.......
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Old Jan 28, 2014, 08:08 PM
Mally's Mom's Avatar
Mally's Mom Mally's Mom is offline
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Originally Posted by Fasb's Owner View Post
Forgot to mention that. Fasb's arthritis was visibly worse in 2013, and cold theoretically could worsen that (it doesn't seem to, in his case), we bought him booties. So far, he's not having any of that silliness. The booties will probably end up where ever his doggie sweater is (putting it on him was like trying to squeeze toothpaste back into the tube, so we gave up).
Just heard this morning on our local news station that the cold weather actually helps arthritis. (it lessens the inflammation). They have a doctor that comes on in the mornings with medical advice. She wasn't speaking of the below zero, she meant winter in general. This makes sense though. With our Mally's arthritis, he loves the cold weather and snow. He has a rough time in the summer.

Note: With our weather being so extremely cold, we just walk to the corner and back for Mally to go potty and then turn around. (not far at all) If Mally had his way we would go for a longer walk.
Mally's Mom (Denise)

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