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advice/wisdom on cynosports

Discussion in 'Agility' started by Sealtainn, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. Sealtainn

    Sealtainn Forums Enthusiast

    Nov 18, 2011
    So its in CA this year, and we went to 3 trials I think & got all the Q's needed to enter. I've never gone before & am not even sure I will go to this one, mostly due to time off work & cost: it's a bit overwhelming to think about it & where I'll find the $'s needed for it. It's a huge cost for me.

    Even though I've qualified in all the events I'm asking myself whether or not to pick & choose which to enter. Skipping some of them will ave a little $'s, but mostly it's to save on hotel charges & the cost of not working each day I'm gone.

    Is it reasonable to think this way?
    Today I was even thinking of not going at all which is sad given this is the closest chance of going to a national event.
    Do others pick & choose to skip tournaments even if they are qualified in? I added everything up & I don't think I can afford/justify the cost for each day I'd have to be there & the traveling time.

    The entry form mentions reserving ($) space in large tents for crating or going it on your own. Does anyone have any experience from past Cynosports to advise one option over the other. There's no mention of cost if you bring your own tent.
    So many things to consider before even getting there not to mention having no experience running under lights in the evening or what the surface will be like on astro turf or the painted markings causing confusing.

    Any experienced Cynosporters here got insight they can share?
  2. corbinam

    corbinam Moderator

    Oct 14, 2008
    I've only been once--but I can at least give you my experience.

    When we went, we decided to enter everything only because we figured if we were going to drive that far (5 hours) we might as well get the whole experience. I also wasn't sure if we'd ever be back, or have the opportunity to go again. That being said, if it were closer to me I would consider only entering certain events if it was a question of money.

    The crating space is a bit trickier. Do you know anyone who is familiar with the venue? We paid for a crating space in TN and I was really bummed that we did. It was freezing, it was outside, and it was really dirty. We ended up just crating in the car and the money was wasted. It's helpful to know the venue to find out if it's worth it. I also don't know how warm it is in your area in October.

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