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Bacca, my boy...has crossed to the bridge....

Discussion in 'Sheltie Angels' started by BarbV, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. BarbV

    BarbV Premium Member

    My gentle boy was gently led to the bridge on Wednesday last.

    I was vacationing in the Dominican Republic for my nephews wedding and left the boys in the care of my longtime partner, David. 2 am Wednesday morning he went into distress. David rushed him to emergency and they just managed to revive him, but he was having difficulty sustaining. His blood sugar and pressure were critically low, and was not responsive though he had a few lucid moments. His vitals were shutting down.

    David managed to reach me Wednesday morning. After conversation with the vet over a very garbled cell line, I had to make the call.

    I am heartbroken that I was not with him at the end. And coming home late last night, him not there waiting for me....even as I sit here, I expect to feel his warm body snugged up tight next to me....stealing all the couch room.

    Indy doesn't want to go outside at all, without his brother. At one point today, he leapt into Bacca's favourite spot next to me. He NEVER does that! I guess he knows.....

    It was inevitable....it was not IF but WHEN. the Hepatic Encephalopathy was steadily getting worse. But I just always assumed I would be there with him at the end. I'm heartbroken that I could not.

    I know Bacca would want all his friends on the forum to know that it's been a blast! He wants the Colonel to know that Bacca admits that HE was the one who stole the black bra all along, but let the Colonel take the blame, btw!

    He also wants to thank the forum for all the support over the last 5+ Years. It helped so much during the bad times.

    But Indy and I are still here...except now it won't be Barb and her Boys....but Barb and her Boy (ok, having a cry...).

    A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam
    And for a brief moment, it's glory and beauty belong to our world
    But then it flies on again
    And, although we wish it could have stayed
    We are so thankful to have seen it all

    I love you and miss you, my boy!
  2. Mom2Melli

    Mom2Melli Forums Enthusiast

    Oct 2, 2013
    Central California
    Oh my gosh. I am so so sorry.

    We have a saying here (which is too impolite to type) because every bad thing EVER happens in February.

    I am so so sorry. Hugs and more hugs and more hugs even though it is not enough with the month you have had.

    My boys at the Bridge will show your little one around.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2014
  3. Emmasmom

    Emmasmom Premium Member

    Apr 2, 2010
    Barb - I am so so sorry to hear. Hugs and thoughts are with you at this time. You did everything a loving person could do for your friend. :hugs
  4. corbinam

    corbinam Moderator

    Oct 14, 2008
    I am truly saddened to read this. Sending you and Indy comforting thoughts.
  5. Silaria

    Silaria Premium Member

    Sep 19, 2008
    Aspinwall, PA
    Oh Barb, I'm sorry to hear about Bacca and that you couldn't be there with him. I hope you can find some solid in knowing you did everything you could for him. You and Indy are in my thoughts and prayers.
  6. labgirl

    labgirl Premium Member

    Feb 22, 2009
    Suffolk, UK
    Oh Barb, I can't believe this has happened. I had to read the title twice, because it seemed so unreal. I am so so sorry and my heart goes out to you and Indy.

    Run free at the bridge Bacca xxx
  7. danisgoat

    danisgoat Moderator

    Jul 23, 2009
    Oh wow....I am so terribly sorry to hear about your Bacca boy. My heart is broken with you.
  8. JLSOhio51

    JLSOhio51 Forums Enthusiast

    Mar 16, 2013
    Barb - I am so sorry for your loss. Please rest easy in the knowledge that you did all that you could for Bacca and his life was wonderful beyond measure. Count your blessings of having Indy and having a partner in David willing to do all he could for Bacca in your absence. My prayers for all of you.
  9. trini

    trini Premium Member

    Nov 13, 2013
    upstate ny
    Barb, I am so very sorry. Even though you weren't next to Bacca physically when the end came, he knew your love was right there with him. May your sweet boy rest in peace.

  10. mellie

    mellie Forums Enthusiast

    May 18, 2011
    East Coast
    Prayers of peace for you and Indy. You were the best friend Bacca could ask for and I can only imagine how you must feel coming home and him not being there. Run free sweet Bacca, run free. :hugs

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