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Dakota and I survived a pitbull attack - heartbreaking story.

Discussion in 'General Health' started by Amy & Evan, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Amy & Evan

    Amy & Evan Forums Regular

    Mar 9, 2017
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Thank you Pam :hugs
    I am so sorry to hear that happened to your Beau. I can't stand people that KNOW their dog is not friendly, yet they let them in an off leash park, or off leash anywhere for that matter. It's so irresponsible, you are putting so many things at risk - other people, even the dog which could get beat of killed in a fight. I agree - pitbull owners should have to be educated and trained how to handle them too... there are so many in the area I live because the surrounding cities/provinces have banned them so they have all showed up here in shelters.
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  2. Daisy1015

    Daisy1015 Forums Enthusiast

    May 2, 2014
    I am so sorry . That is terrifying. I actually needed a couple days to be able to reply.

    In california there are lots of pits. I recently rescued a puppy being hit in a parking lot with a hurt leg. She had a wonderful temperament at 3/4 months it appeared and alot of people tried to tell me I should foster/keep it. Um no not possible for many reasons but especially with a sheltie. Any trainer i have ever had has said shelties trigger the prey drive in pits or some other dogs. The yapping. Fluffy and herding chase me play style is just too different. Even the spca rep tried telling me her two pits do great with her maltese mix (probably a terrier mix) but she didnt grasp the play style of sheltie would be different from maltese mixes. I did some research at that time out of curiousity and to affirm my decision not to foster, and even the villalobos web site from tv warns very honestly about pitbull temperament and potential for dog aggression even if great with their people and even if ok for years together. They blamed instinct just like herding is to shelties (ues they mentioned shelties) . They also said this trait is often not evident before one year and can be hard to predict. I actually respect the show for their honesty. Throw in reckless breeding for wrong traits and there is a recipe for disaster.

    During my puppy kinder they were very careful with socialization time in monitoring dog interaction especially with a sheltie in the mix because they can rile up other dogs and trigger play drive. All puppies were under six months old.

    The trainer recommended bring an umbrella. One that will pop open and startle an approaching aggressive dog or at least help hide the sheltie from view and sometimes this can break up the reaction or give time ti get control of other dog if owner present.
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  3. Daisy1015

    Daisy1015 Forums Enthusiast

    May 2, 2014
    One more thing, their play growl / bark sounds so ferocious even in a play bow. And they are soooo loud. I had her crayed in an xpen probably for first time in her life and she was way louder than a sheltie. I no longer "fear" getting a second sheltie because of barking!
  4. JacqueZ

    JacqueZ Forums Enthusiast

    Oct 4, 2012
    Akron, Ohio
    I'm so sorry to hear that happened, but glad to hear that the worst of the physical injuries are healing. I hope the counseling can help you recover from the attack mentally as well. The type of disregard for another living thing that the owners "friends" showed is abhorrent, and I'm glad at least the owner is acting responsibly.

    I just met a lady at a party who rescued a dog at a shelter, and the shelter people told her it was a mix of several breeds....but once she got home and was researching she realized it was mostly pit. Criminal of the shelter to send someone unsuspecting home with a breed they might not be prepared for. She has young kids too... I would love love love to see strict laws about neutering and breeding these dogs. With how much their line has been messed with I feel like only a few purebred lines, tested extensively for temperament should be allowed. You should have to have a license to breed them. I feel like the fact that it's a "mans" dog is part of the problem...I know of so many who have no intention of breeding the dog, but balk at immasculating them, so you end up with so many unintentional litters.
  5. Jess041

    Jess041 Forums Enthusiast

    Feb 2, 2012
    Houston, Texas
    Wow this whole thread makes me so sad. I'm not the type of person who would own a bully breed or mix, but I certainly don't hate them or think they're all monsters. There are some dogs out there that are aggressive and should never be around other dogs or children. I was attacked by my family's dog when I was 8 years old. The breed? Labrador Retriever, AKC's most popular dog breed for the last several years. There are a lot of misconceptions about bully breeds. I wish people didn't have so much hate towards them. I know so many who play flyball and are the friendliest dogs towards people and other dogs. My sheltie actually makes them look like saints because she can get a little snippy at times.

    I'm sorry you and Dakota were attacked. I'm happy to hear Dakota has recovered. I know you will eventually.
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  6. RikyR

    RikyR Premium Member

    Nov 27, 2013
    Baton Rouge LA
    Well said Jess. But unfortunately, it is human nature. Look at what is going on in the world today. Sad indeed.
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  7. labgirl

    labgirl Premium Member

    Feb 22, 2009
    Suffolk, UK
    I am so sad and shocked to read this and feel for you. I am also appalled at the way the doctors treated your wounds.

    Sadly, pitbulls have been badly bred and badly treated. They are banned over here, but I don't believe that solves the problem, it only makes them more desirable to the wrong sort of person, the person who 'wants to look hard because I own a banned dangerous dog'. We do have a lot of staffies in this country and my friend has owned and showed bull terriers all her life. When you see a well-raised bull terrier they are such grand dogs. My friend does obedience and agility with her bullies. She is acutely aware of the bad image they have and makes the effort to have her dogs under control all the time. Her bullie Magnus has such a lovely nature that he was recently severely attacked by a labrador that tore a chunk out of him and he never even reacted.

    The real problem is that these breeds can do such damage when they attack. Also many come from appalling backgrounds.

    I am stunned at the leniency of the judgement placed on those dog owners. The severity of the attack on you and your dog, if it had been in the UK, would have caused a court to rule the dog should be PTS under the new dangerous dogs act. In fact, the law here now allows for the owner to be sent to prison for owning an out-of-control dog that was deemed a danger to the public.

    I am glad you are doing ok and can only say please try not to be afraid. Dog attacks are very, very rare, even with pitbulls.
  8. Isabella

    Isabella Forums Novice

    Oct 30, 2010
    I’m so sorry to hear this. I really do not believe that pitbulls are bad dogs, but some of them have terrible owners. They need constant attention and to be kept inside the yard when they are not with people. I think the show “pit bulls and parolees quote shows very well how they need to be cared for. If you could find the dogs owner perhaps you could press charges or ask for some financial compensation. The pitbull would probably be put down. This is a terrible thing to have happen, and yet I would be sad to see the other dog die. But he should not be able to run around to hurt people.

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