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"Heart Dogs"

Discussion in 'General Dog Chat' started by Mom2Melli, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. Mom2Melli

    Mom2Melli Forums Enthusiast

    Oct 2, 2013
    Central California
    This thread was started on the GSD board and the stories are amazing. I thought I would toss it over here for something heartwarming to talk about on a nice Friday/weekend.

    What is a heart dog? How is he/she different from any other dog you've cared for?

    What has your heart dog taught you?

    When did your heart dog enter your life? Was it a low point in your life? Did your heart dog leave you at a high point in your life? Or is your heart dog still with you?
  2. Mom2Melli

    Mom2Melli Forums Enthusiast

    Oct 2, 2013
    Central California
    A heart dog has a connection to you like no other. It is not about being the perfect dog, desired dog, having a special obtaining story, or even being a healthy dog, it is about a soul to soul connection so deep it is unexplainable except to someone who has had a heart dog too. One may have many dogs in a lifetime but only one or maybe two heart dogs. There are heart dogs and there are other dogs. The other dogs may be far superior to the heart dogs in health, training, aptitude, intelligence, workability, etc., but that is no matter. They are not the One (with the capital O). Heart dogs are sent by the universe because your very soul needs them and they need you.

    I have had 5 dogs and will be getting a 6th next month. Three are at the Bridge.

    My first heart dog was a blue merle aussie. There was a time in life soon after that when some really bad stuff happened to me and I no longer wanted to live. I lived for that dog just like he lived for me. He taught me to love unconditionally, even myself and the world after the bad things happened. I would not be OK today except for his soul carrying me through the darkest time of my life. The next two dogs were dogs that came for a reason. One was my husband's girl and one was a wonderful service dog and my constant companion, my big red aussie, who gave me freedom until my brain injury healed. Not my heart dog, but my best friend and protector. Six weeks after my blue merle Aussie passed came another heart dog, my Shay. My shepherd. Both my husband and I love him more than life, for all his flaws and his triumphs. Little Shay, my timid fearful boy, carried me through my Dad's cancer treatment and passing. He bore so much on his young shoulders. Too much on his young shoulders. My soul depended on his strength and he was glad to give it though at a cost to himself. My little Melli girl who came along last summer has taught me and loved me and challenged me. Not my heart dog but my bestie girlfriend, my sista, the 4-legged adult in the room. Soon I am to get another sheltie puppy. We have miles to go and places to see, him and me. He is to be my freedom, my chance to roam the world with a young able companion and do things I have set as goals for myself. Will he be my heart dog? We will see. Can we have two heart dogs living at the same time? Not sure that is possible unless, as is happening, Shay is moving more to be my husband's heart dog paving the way for the little being growing up right now just for me. We will see soon enough. We have been lucky with two heart dogs and three great dogs so far. It would be brilliant if lightning could strike a third time.

    While all dogs come to you for a reason, heart dogs come along as the universes's special gift to your soul.

    I hope you all have fun wih the thread and think about your babies, your current dogs, and the ones who have come before who have never left our hearts.
  3. Shelby's mom

    Shelby's mom Forums Enthusiast

    Jan 4, 2012
    What a great topic. I would have to say I have been fortunate to have 2 heart dogs in my life.

    My first was a black lab named Sugar. I picked her out of the litter when I was just a little girl. I picked her because she was the only black one in the litter. I have no idea why I named her Sugar. She was my very best friend growing up and was always by my side. Our local news paper even ran a small article about us and how she loved to climb up and slide down the big sliding board in the park by my house. She would follow me everywhere.

    Many years later in 1996 DH and I got Hollie. Our first dog and both of ours first Sheltie. She was most definitely both of ours heart dog. She was so connected to both of us I can't explain what that was like. I do not think we will ever have another dog like her. She was even in our wedding pictures! In 1998 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. And I swear she was able to know when I was not feeling well. She was by my side all the time trying to keep me happy and comforting me. She passed away in 2010 and we both still miss her dearly. And as she comforted me when I was ill DH and I both comforted her and were by her side to the very end.

    Shortly after loosing Hollie we got Shelby, our crazy bi-black Sheltie. While we love Shelby very much the connection just is not the same as it was with Hollie. Shelby has definitely taught us very much. Such as how to be very patient and tolerant of her crazy antics. She has taught us to not take life so seriously and to always have fun at every chance you get. Nothing in this world upsets her in the least and she is really the happiest dog I have ever met. But she is also very independent and not overly affectionate. We love her dearly but she is not the heart dog that Hollie was.
  4. Sheltie4

    Sheltie4 Forums Enthusiast

    Jun 23, 2013
    Kansas City
    This is a thought provoking thread, Cara!

    Although all of my dogs, and all of my fosters have a special place in my heart, my first Sheltie, Patience was my first heart dog.

    Bless her heart, I didn't know as much as I do now and I was raising two small children, so she didn't get the attention she deserved.

    After too many years of living with a physically abusive husband, I ended the marriage. Patience, although initially my husband's dog, seemed to sense the problems with him, before I did.

    She stuck to me like glue, and watched my small children like a hawk.

    After our divorce, she slept at my bedroom door every night . . . and never trusted men again. When a man came into my home, even my dad, she always positioned herself me and him.

    Patience taught me patience and stuck by me through a very tough time. She is also the reason why I fell in love with Shelties and transitioned into fostering. She has been gone for 30 years, but I still think of her and my kids (now adults) have such fond memories of her.
  5. ghggp

    ghggp Premium Member

    Aug 28, 2011
    Grosse Pointe, Michigan
    Billy the heart sheltie...

    My pets are my children and mean so much to me. Billy had a special place in my heart as he was my first rescue. When I adopted him from Michigan Sheltie Rescue he was one of three dogs they had available. He was so terrified he never came out from under the kitchen table at the rescue. His first master was put into a nursing home and eventually passed away. A young man adopted him next but was a maniac depressive and committed suicide. He had gone though so much in his short life that I could not help but adopt him. He has added so much to my life. He rescued me and my family.

    Billy loved giving kisses and being close by my side! He always knew when you were down or depressed. He would come up to you to give his special healing kisses.

    when my mother was passing Billy never left her side. Even when my brother and I took shifts to sleep. Billy was in the room with my mom at the side of her bed. Even the nurse stated, "that little dog never left your mom's side!"

    For one little dog to go through the passing of three humans he cared so much for endeared him to me forever. He was the personification of love!

    This little dogs will never leave my memory. His is in my heart forever. He was all about love! I placed my grand mothers rosary around his neck when he passed. He is now with my mother and grandmother now and not suffering any longer. He was a blessing to me and all he touched. God bless you Billy. You will never leave my memory or my heart...
  6. Katagaria

    Katagaria Forums Enthusiast

    Jun 23, 2012
    Cosmo is to me.

    Whenever I bring him into a new situation he gives me this look that says "I'm not comfortable with this, but I trust you and will try." and he always comes out the other end with a 'smile' on his face and a waggy tail.

    He never stops trying if I ask something of him, he gives me his all and if he ever does something wrong in training, it's always 100% my fault in directing him incorrectly.

    There is something about this relationship that is based on a huge mutual trust of each other. He has taught me so much, so much about dogs and so much about how they learn. He makes me seem like a better dog trainer than I am, he is just perfect.

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