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Puppy name ideas?

Discussion in 'Puppies 101' started by roguskie, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. roguskie

    roguskie Premium Member

    Oct 12, 2014
    New Zealand
    Hi everyone,
    Currently I have my name down for a puppy from Pippis breeder and am beginning to think about names but im honestly stuck.
    Dogs names it needs to go with are Pippi/Pip/Squeaky and Thor/Dorky. Also cant be too similar to Ivy/Bubbles and Mika (our cats) and Roscoe/Pog and Vaya (my parents dogs).
    Any ideas for boys or girls would be much appreciated.
  2. Chris

    Chris Premium Member

    Feb 25, 2008
    Northern Virginia
  3. Phoebe'smom

    Phoebe'smom Premium Member

    Oct 22, 2015
    Southern California
  4. SheepOfBlue

    SheepOfBlue Premium Member

    Oct 15, 2009
    I always name my dogs after they arrive. Got to fit. I had something all picked out for Spitfire and it didn't fit when he arrived. His current name does.

    That said I always use the rule that one syllable names are best but never more than two for a call name. so Sca, Spitfire, Dow, Claude (yes it fit him LOL), Zeke, Jimmy, etc.
  5. Margi

    Margi Forums Enthusiast

    Nov 2, 2012
    Corona, AZ
    Gotta go with Sheep on the call name being chosen to fit the dog...that being said I did know I wanted a Firefly themed name, so the registered name was easy. Do you have a favorite theme you might want to use?
  6. SheepOfBlue

    SheepOfBlue Premium Member

    Oct 15, 2009
    Spitfire is Spitfire the Jarl of Huntsville officially. A Jarl was the one in charge of the islands at one time and well Spitfire LOL. He was being himself one day and it hit me. Fits him to a tee.

    Sca was Scatham Coimhead which is Irish Gaelic roughly for Mirror Gazer. With hind sight it could have been a horrible error as I got the translation from the motorcycle racing board and well .... some there would not have been above giving a name like spoon head for a laugh (I checked when that occurred to me) Shortened to a syllable thus Sca..... figured it was easy but he got Sky or up north Scott ??? a LOT.

    I have an idea for the next puppy but once he arrives it could change in an instant.
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  7. Caro

    Caro Moderator

    Jan 14, 2009
    Canberra, Australia
    I think the pets' names should have dissimilar endings, so it doesn't confuse the pets.

    I named both my dogs based on their kennel names. But I had wanted to call Deska 'Sinbad' (my mother hated the name) and I tried to rename Tully 'Gidget' but she was already ignoring Tully so it wasn't worth another name for her to ignore. Are you the same as here where the breeder picks the kennel name?

    You might also want to check the lists of most popular pet names, and popular children's names - avoid those.

    You could always have a look through the height/weight spreadsheet, which has lots of names of dogs that have been on SF, to see if any take your fancy. It's not like you'll run into those dogs in person.
  8. roguskie

    roguskie Premium Member

    Oct 12, 2014
    New Zealand
    Pippi was going to be many names - Fern, Quest and Eevee but as she is the smallest sheltie ever Pippi suited her nicely.
    Thor started off as Buddy but needed a strong name after surviving Parvo so Thor he is.
    I would prefer 1 or 2 syllables but have no themes :)
  9. MissyGallant

    MissyGallant Premium Member

    Dec 20, 2011
    Sheridan, Indiana
    Pippi and Longstocking! OK- that's a little long. I wanted to name one of our cats Zoey. But DH decided her name was "Evil Purrfessor Little Puss". Called her that so much that she now only responds to Little Puss. (Dreadful name)

    Pippi, Thor and Sir Monkey Fluffybutt.

    My advice is this: Meet your puppy. Then find a name that isn't Sir Monkey Fluffybutt, doesn't have "Evil" in it.

    I picked the name Annabelle before we met her. It fit her. When I picked Annabelle, DH insisted that the next girl would be Clarabelle. Tara was named by the people who bought her. We had a list of a few names for Cooper, but he was Cooper.

    Rocket was little and tiny when he was born but had a bit of attitude. I started calling him Rocket after Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy.
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  10. Pam

    Pam Forums Enthusiast

    Mar 4, 2017
    Ok, I agree with the above. I have always waited until I met my fur child to name it. Beau was "puppy" for more than a month as I waited for a family consensus on his name. We went from everything like Twig (he is 19" and 40 lbs--so that wouldn't have fit), to Puck (his mother was Stage Presence, so i thought a play oriented name would fit), to Quint (for quintus since he was our fifth fur child) to Lex (for lexicon, due to my profession, etc) to Endymion (from the myth), etc. Finally we settled on Beau because it was one name everyone could agree upon and both that and his registered name are chock full of meaning for my family.

    I guess names need to have meaning for me in context of when/how/where and fit the personality.

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