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Rescue transportation volunteer registry (proposed)

Discussion in 'Rescue Chat' started by mmcginty, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. mmcginty

    mmcginty Premium Member

    PetHarbor is pretty cool, but the problem is it limits each query to a 200 mile radius of the entered zip code. I sent them a request for an exemption/permission to query all shelters, but they will almost certainly decline (if they even respond at all.)

    Regardless, a consolidated list of every adoptable Sheltie (not including those in rescues) is a worthy goal, it would save a ginormous amount of duplicated effort, and would fill any coverage gaps.

    To work around their anticipated refusal, I will to write a program to submit every zip code, "screen scrape" the list of shelters returned for each, and store them in a database table. I'll then filter that data to derive the minimum set of zip codes that must be queried to get all shelters. (There will be many that overlap, as a zip code is generally way smaller than 200 miles.)

    Given that minimal list, I can setup a daily composite download that will yield the complete list using the most efficient number of queries.

    This may all seem convoluted, but imagine how much collective time/duplicated effort it would save, if we started with a complete list of every adoptable Sheltie in all of PetHarbor, rather than having to go get pieces of it by hand! Yeah, exactly, that's what I'm on about! :yes:
  2. mmcginty

    mmcginty Premium Member

    The first version of the website is now online, if you haven't subscribed to the other thread Gypsy Rescue Transport: update notifications, you would've missed this notice. (This is the last duplicat notice I'll post.)
  3. mmcginty

    mmcginty Premium Member

    Objectively, sheltieshuttle.com is a more intuitive domain name, it's short, it's intrinsically meaningful. I like the original one too, both will point to the same place. (We need to make a dedication page for Gypsy girl --submissions welcome.)

    ... Did anyone happen to look at the about page? Suggestions for refinement of that are likewise welcome.
  4. mmcginty

    mmcginty Premium Member

    A number of similar issues came to mind while thinking this thing out, not the least of which, what about risks to a driver's own dogs? Kennel cough, etc... Also to make it economically feasible, it'd need 503(something) not-for-profit status -- a mountain of paperwork.

    The primary purpose of the site is evolving, and I'm more excited about it than I was initially, I think it will make a difference. And I suspect that any actual transportation would happen only under some other organization's auspices.
  5. hrcarol

    hrcarol Forums Enthusiast

    Jan 19, 2012
    Atlanta suburbs
    We should make sure all volunteer's personal dogs a utd on their shots. Aren't most dogs vaccinated for KC(Bordetella)?Yearly vaccinations will protect them from most things that could be caught from transported dogs. If any volunteers have a puppy that doesn't have all their shots at home they probably shouldn't be involved.
    I foster dogs and talked to my vet about this recently. She said the biggest risk for my personal dogs is an upper respiratory infection that many dogs catch in the shelter. There is no vaccine for it and it takes a week or so to show symptoms after exposure.

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