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The weather is improving for patio time!

Discussion in 'Fuzzy Photo Updates' started by rosesandlace, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. rosesandlace

    rosesandlace Forums Enthusiast

    Brandi & Brady are happy that the weather is improving for lots of time outside playing on the patio!

    It will soon be time to get the floor repainted and put out the summer furniture and decor.

    Looking forward to summer!

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  2. Mally's Mom

    Mally's Mom Premium Member

    Oct 18, 2009
    Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

    In that 2nd picture the one sheltie looks like it's holding a conversation.
    I love it!!

    Both shelties are truly stunning!
  3. Toffee's Mom

    Toffee's Mom Forums Sage

    Aug 31, 2009
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    awww, so pretty in the sun! I think they were talking to you, and explaining how it is ok to put the furniture out NOW and to stick around outside with them... then when there is snow overnight (sigh :ick) you just know they will laugh and think what a good joke they played on you lolll :yes:
  4. rosesandlace

    rosesandlace Forums Enthusiast

    And that would be just the time we'd have snow overnight :(:ick ... we just hope that we don't end up with continuous rain every other day, like last spring/summer. We desperately need to have new carpeting on our front step and we need a week of dry days to do that!

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