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What has your Sheltie destroyed?

Discussion in 'Sheltie Chat' started by celloyogi, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. celloyogi

    celloyogi Forums Enthusiast

    Mar 11, 2012
    southeast MI
    All of my family's shelties have preferred to destroy certain objects over others. My first sheltie went after crayons - she could find them in a drawer, cabinet, wherever. Pavi managed to break most of the double-paned windows in our kitchen, saving the house from deliveries (Pavi was fine!). Olive isn't as discriminating. She'll destroy anything, anytime, anywhere.

    Today Olive managed to destroy the carton around a Pepsi cube (case of 24 cans of soda). Cardboard shreds were *everywhere*. I'll admit I watched her do it, and took pictures, because I figured better that than something else (I know, I know). She managed to get one can partway out and fang-punctured it. :eek2:After her initial shock when the soda exploded, she tried to drink/bite it.

    When I got it all cleaned up, I turned around and what did I see? Olive reaching up and licking my plate on the table, then Olive stealing the spoon and running off with it, and last but not least Olive stealing yet another can of soda. :rolleyes2:

    She has figured out how to open the pantry. Last week I'd come downstairs to find almost everything from the bottom few few shelves spread over the kitchen (mostly canned goods, but also a tin of tea bags which she fortunately didn't get open).

    Funniest thing she's stolen and gotten the puppy rips with? The toilet brush!!!:gaah:ick
  2. Jess041

    Jess041 Forums Enthusiast

    Feb 2, 2012
    Houston, Texas
    Jasmine (sheltie angel) had a thing for shoes. I don't even remember how many shoes she ate of mine, but I remember getting yelled at for leaving them out!

    *Sigh* so far this is the damage with Missy:
    3 iPhone cables including my FM transmitter
    1 clothing iron cord. I replaced it. I paid about $15 for it 6 years ago, so I took it as an unexpected opportunity to upgrade to a nicer one.
    1 carpet cleaner cord. It was a $150 carpet cleaner, so I opted to try and replace the cord instead of replace it. Luckily I was successful.
    Numerous paper products...

    Obviously all the cables and cords she's chewed through were my fault for not watching her closely and not putting the cords up.. especially the carpet cleaner. There are things that she's chewed on that were not necessarily destroyed, such as the leash handle and the handles on my umbrellas. Obviously she has a thing for cord-like objects.
  3. rose

    rose Forums Enthusiast

    Nov 30, 2011
    with Tessa, is more ''what has your sheltie NOT destroyed"
    if it is not nailed down, Tessa will steal and chew it, my vet keeps a list of things she has ate, stole, etc
    cellphone, eyeglasses, charger cord, diamond earrings, money, both bills and coins, bedspreads, over 60 of them, pens, couch and loveseat, tore up so bad had to replace them, got leather couch and recliner, she has not bothered them at all. clothes, especially socks, paper, any kind. books, dentures. she is also a hoarder, hides pens, pencils, screwdriver, any small hand tool, shoes, silverware.
    Tessa does not chew up bedspreads any more, she kinda outgrew that when she was 6 yrs old. she is such a funny, cute girl and when she does bad steal chew things, she sux up, gives big hugh eyes
    i always tell her, good thing i love you so much.

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  4. bwibwigouza

    bwibwigouza Forums Enthusiast

    Nov 16, 2011
    BC, Canada
    After reading this I'm kind of relieved that Mozart IS sort of discriminating in his destructive path. See he loves chewing wood but all our furniture has been left unscathed...however, the same can't be said of door frames. He gnawed a big hole on our front door frame and took 2 bites out of my bedroom door frame.
    He loves to chew paper product particularly cardboard...so he "ate" a few of the kids' board books and took quite a number of bites out of our storage boxes.
    On the very top of his favourite chew list is fleece blanket or anything made with fleece. He "punched" quite a number of holes in his own blanket, then went through my nephew's blanket, few days ago he went after my fleece jacket and my brother's vest...good thing I always have a few of his chew toys handy to lure him away.
  5. jomuir

    jomuir Premium Member

    May 10, 2011
    Wow, after reading this post, I'm happy to say mine haven't destroyed much at all. Someone rips paper occasionally, so I find bite marks on bills/letters if I leave them out. If the mail is left out, they will kill it out of revenge at the mailman. We have door delivery of mail & they are both so mad at the carrier, he keeps coming back no matter how often they bark at him not to!

    Wait, does crashing into things & breaking them while spinning in anger at the mail carrier count? If so, we have lost some stuff due to Forrest flying around the family room enraged. :lol:
  6. Trip

    Trip Forums Enthusiast

    Jul 16, 2012
    Mine hasn't show much interest in stuff in general. She doesn't even really chew on much besides rawhide sticks and the kong treat toys.

    She does have a nasty habit of digging up my grass in the backyard going after crickets.
  7. celloyogi

    celloyogi Forums Enthusiast

    Mar 11, 2012
    southeast MI
    My original post got me thinking. Olive loves the paper products, too. She's destroyed the bottom 3ft of wallpaper around the kitchen and kitchen bathroom. Groceries on the floor, in bags or not, are not safe. She steals any item of clothing she can find. Olive especially likes it when I have taken off a single shoe so she can take it and run. The first baby gate in the kitchen doorway was nearly chewed through (wood); she has a thing for the bottom edges of the wood cupboards, chair rungs, table legs... we tried bitter apple spray but she thought it was tasty!:ick

    Olive will take anything within reach on the counters/table. She's shredded all types of mail. Now that she has figured out how to get on the table - and the counter:eek2: - it's up to her hoomans to keep everything nailed down or hidden away. We're going to be in trouble when she figures out how to open drawers. I think it really is a when, not an if. :uhoh:
  8. CurtnDeb

    CurtnDeb Forums Novice

    Jun 22, 2012
    Barnhart, MO
    Keesha (Angel) was just plain evil when she was a pup. She would redecorate the floors of the entire house with shredded newspaper until I started keeping it out of her reach. Ink Pens...I don't know where she used to find them but, when she did, she would make a huge mess. My wife(girlfriend at the time) lost several panties. The very last thing she chewed up (about 8 months old) was the remote control to my brand new TV. It was the last thing because when I got home and found it I scolded her to no end (Drill seargent style) and made here sit there in the living room at the scene of attack amongst the carnage for about 5 hours and think about what she had done. She never damaged another thing ever after that.

    Shelby, targeted an art deco coffee table down stairs and ate the Phinneal off my wife's 200 year old entry table.

    Britta, chewed up the wood window sills around the house. She also liked to grab the end of the toilet paper and take off running. We suspect she got a hold of our $2000 tax return check off the entry table. It was never seen again.

    Libby, chewed up all the toys that the other dogs had collected and played with over the years. There isn't a toy left in the house. You would think she would learn to just play with them instead of shredding them so that she would have something to play with.
  9. Greenepony

    Greenepony Forums Enthusiast

    Jul 2, 2012
    My Olive is pretty good about only destroying her things: 2 Tennis Balls (defuzzed them first), 1 Sheep ball (that previously was her favorite), 1 Fox, 1 Plastic Apple, 1 Kong pool throw, 1 dog bed (tried to dig her way out of her crate when we first got her)... I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty

    However she has discovered an affinity for pen-like objects. I've dropped marking pens off my sewing table without noticing and I'll hear a crunch and she bit the clip part off so I'll have to snatch it up before she gets her muzzle covered in tailor's chalk. She also killed a phone charge cord that fell on her.
  10. biowicks

    biowicks Forums Enthusiast

    Mar 7, 2012
    To add to my Olive's exploits: It is really hard for a teacher to go to work and tell her students that HER dog ate THEIR homework....:lol:

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