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  1. NJSheltieMom
    Hello. Just joined and still trying to navigate site. I have my 3rd sheltie. He is a blue merle. My previous 2 were females and sables.
  2. Hollysmom
    Holly had her first grooming last week. She sure is beautiful. Love her to pieces!
  3. Wendy Moore
    Wendy Moore
    I have two Shelties. 7 yr old Chevy and 1 yr old Rebel. Both are sable and white.
  4. Carol Berg
    Carol Berg
    Researching puppy food~ Looking for a new brand. What about Blue Buffalo FREEDOM (grain free) for small breed puppies?
  5. Jeannie
    i have 2 Shelties, Mollie and Maisie. They are the best anti-depressants around as they cause me to smile throughout the day!
  6. Shelti
    My husband and I are blessed with a pair of darling Sheltie ♥ sisters ⊱⊱⊱ beautiful honey-sable *Devon* ⊱⊱⊱ gorgeous mahogany-sable *Emily*
  7. Dixie's Mommy
    Dixie's Mommy
    How do I confirm my email
  8. jaleely
    Jumping back into "forums"...I'm rusty!
  9. Ian & Danielle
    Ian & Danielle
    It's better to create something that others criticize than to create nothing & criticize others.
  10. Sue Rasmussen
    Sue Rasmussen
    I am a very proud multi Sheltie owner. My first Sheltie was only a few days from turning 18. This dog was amazing. I now have 2 more