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  1. kazie
    My sister-in-law says there are two kinds of Sheltie coats - fitted and full. Is this true?
    1. Caro
      Hi Kazie. You might want to ask this question as a new post. If you use the link below, go into the forum and click on "Post New Thread" on the right hand side. https://sheltieforums.com/forums/grooming.16/
      Short answer, there's 2 coats but not what your SIL thinks.
      Nov 3, 2018
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  2. Christina&duke
    Hello I have a 5year old sheltie male I can’t get to lose weight I thought joining the club others might have gone throw this 2 can help
  3. Calliesmom
    Calliesmom SheepOfBlue
    nice shiny new Avatar you have there:winkgrin:
    1. SheepOfBlue
      Angus has to keep an eye on everyone. That was testing the 100-400 lens. Did some moon photos the other night with it an a 1.4 extender
      Aug 30, 2018
  4. JulesJKM
    can't wait to meet our little pup!
  5. JulesJKM
    So excited to welcome a new puppy!
  6. BLeewillett
    I have 2 new Shelties in my life ... a new Bi-Blue puppy and a rescued, 2 yr old Bi-Black. I feel so blessed.
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  7. NJSheltieMom
    Hello. Just joined and still trying to navigate site. I have my 3rd sheltie. He is a blue merle. My previous 2 were females and sables.
  8. Hollysmom
    Holly had her first grooming last week. She sure is beautiful. Love her to pieces!
  9. Wendy Moore
    Wendy Moore
    I have two Shelties. 7 yr old Chevy and 1 yr old Rebel. Both are sable and white.
  10. Carol Berg
    Carol Berg
    Researching puppy food~ Looking for a new brand. What about Blue Buffalo FREEDOM (grain free) for small breed puppies?