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  1. KarenCurtis
    KarenCurtis ghggp
    Hi Gloria
    Is your Liam a Belmark sheltie? Ann told me this. Minnie's grandsire is Belmark Showdown, the double Merle. He's got other Belmark as well.
  2. Caro
    Caro KarenCurtis
    Where did you get the hearts you posted in Sharon's Brook thread? I love them but I can't find them on the memes - or is it an attachment?
    1. KarenCurtis
      On my iPad keyboard ❤️❤️
      May 4, 2019
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  3. KarenCurtis
    KarenCurtis Margi
    Hi Margi
    The sire is CH Weststar's Finders Keepers!
  4. KarenCurtis
    KarenCurtis Sandy in CT
    Hi Sandy, how do you do Brodie's ears?
    1. Sandy in CT
      Sandy in CT
      Hi there! Sorry, I didn't see this here until now. Did you see my response to you on the thread?
      Mar 3, 2019
    2. KarenCurtis
      I didn't it I will look
      Mar 3, 2019
  5. HikerDog
    Doing "Sheltie Research" before we bring our pup home
  6. Hannah
    Hannah Caro
    Oh Caro, I just saw that your gorgeous Deska passed away. Just heartbreaking. It was obvious that he was a beautiful soul and I'm sure he'll never be far from you. The photos you shared are just stunning. I hope you and Tully are coping ok. It was lovely to meet the three of you that day in Albury and I would love to catch up again when you're in town next. Sending love and hugs to you and Tully
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  7. Sandy in CT
    Sandy in CT
    Brodie - born 11/15/2018 - came home 01/13/2019
  8. Lori Leary
    Lori Leary
    Very new here!
  9. kazie
    My sister-in-law says there are two kinds of Sheltie coats - fitted and full. Is this true?
    1. Caro
      Hi Kazie. You might want to ask this question as a new post. If you use the link below, go into the forum and click on "Post New Thread" on the right hand side. https://sheltieforums.com/forums/grooming.16/
      Short answer, there's 2 coats but not what your SIL thinks.
      Nov 3, 2018
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  10. Christina&duke
    Hello I have a 5year old sheltie male I can’t get to lose weight I thought joining the club others might have gone throw this 2 can help