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  1. uneekstuf
    uneekstuf ghggp
    Hello, can I ask which low fat dog food you feed your shelties? Thanks. Tina
  2. HikerDog
    Realizing just how quickly puppies grow, holy cow
  3. Shelti
    ∽ My husband and I are blessed with a pair of darling Sheltie ♥ sisters ∽ beautiful honey·sable *Bryn* and gorgeous mahogany·sable *Devon*
  4. Sandy in CT
    Sandy in CT
    ------'s Little Bit of Brogue (Brodie) 11/15/2018 CGC
  5. DianeP
    Mom to a lovely 10 month old sable girl named Mindy.
  6. HikerDog
    Puppy classes, chin nibbles, and general mischief from Toby - 14 weeks
  7. DianeP
    Our puppy was about 18 weeks when we got her. She was afraid of moving cars but now wants to chase them. Anybody else dealing with this?
  8. HikerDog
    Owned by a 12wk pup named Toby
  9. HikerDog
    Got a rambunctious 11wk Blue Merle Pup and loving every second
  10. Abby4123
    Mother of Tod. First puppy I’ve ever had! Many learning curves but lots of support to help me out :)