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Recent Comments

  1. Caro
    Just such a beautiful girl.
  2. ghggp
    Ok, so little Toby got the best of you... with a cutie like that, how can you stay upset with him? He is a heart melter for sure!
  3. Jams
    Happy Sunday! My goal today was to see how many holes I could dig before my mom could catch up to me. Guess who won?! I wonder how many pineapple plants I can dig up in one day? Maybe that will be...
  4. Jams
    Thanks to a great tip on the forums I got a real pet stroller to use for Toby instead of the old stroller I had rigged to use for him. After the cadillac of strollers arrived I was anxious to try...
  5. Piper's mom
    What a fantastic idea...great upcycle Jams! He looks pretty comfy there and he still gets to see what's going on around him.

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