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Dec 5, 2020
Jul 28, 2008
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Oct 10, 1961 (Age: 59)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Pet Store Owner

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Dec 5, 2020
    1. Katniss
      Brab, thank you for your post. I have to say your infomration was so helpful. Bacca's symptoms do seem a lot like what Kai'a is going through. You gave me a new direction to explore ... and some hope too. It means so very much. Hope everyone is happy and well on your end!
    2. daktigger13
      Hi again....I think I may have registered a year ago but had not donated until very recently. I don't know, yet, how to PM on the site but will figure it out...the site gave me the option to send you a private email but I get your point about posting instead and am going to go do that! Thanks for your quick response.

    3. GChiu
      Hi Barb, with your moving, if you'd ever need someone to watch your 2 boys for a bit, I would not mind babysitting :smile2:. Although I live in a small house, the park behind me is very large and I'm next to the greenbelt, too.
    4. take4roll10
      I hope I didn't come off as rude. I just think the sheltie's blaze (sounds like a newspaper) would make a great topic, but didn't want to jack Michele's Trapp thread.
    5. Lovely

      I was doing some research on Duncan's lines and I took down some of the notables (I was pleased there were too many to keep proper track)... anyway, it turns out that Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit is one of of his some-odd-great grandfathers (twice, actually... hmm... linebreeding). I did a search on the forums and stumbled across your delve into pedigree lines. It turns out that Bacca and Duncan are distant cousins! This also goes for GeeRome's Romeo! Small world after all...

      <3 Chelle
    6. take4roll10
      Spoken like a champ, Barb! I loved the photo of Bacca. Bailey wanted me to tell Bacca to try it with it with a little lime ;)
    7. OntarioSheltie
      Thanks Barb! I was really pleased with how the photos turned out and wanted to include Ginny's photo on the forum :)
    8. BarbV
      I'm so sorry that you aren't well.What's up?

      I posted last night to get some final feedback on the ToC. Kelly has descoped it a little bit as well. So, I need to rework it a little.

      I will certainly need help writing and editing. But I won't be able to get back to it before the weekend.

      But, if you wanted to get started on something, maybe you can start on this topic:

      What should the breeder provide me with when I pick up the dog?
      o All papers
      o Contract – limited if not a show dog; a reputable breeder would also include in the contract that they will take back the dog if for whatever reason you have to give it up, other?
      o Vet history, including all vaccines/deworming
      o Guarantee

      Thanks for your enthusiasm on this project.

      I'm trying to be inclusive, but you are really the only other person who has expressed any real interest in this.

      Take care, my dear! And get well soon!
    9. Katniss
      Barb - sorry I have been MIA. I actually ended up in the hospital, which I was so trying to avoid. How is the Buying Guide coming along? Anything you need proofed? I only have access to the internet once a day here ... but I can use my laptop to proof anything you need or to write text. Also I can ask Steve to email you what I have complied already, from home (if he can find it). I am so sorry, this project means a lot to me (as it does to everyone) and my being stuck here means time away from my family, my work, all of my Sheltie Forum friends and, of course, my Kai'a. My email is [email protected] if you want help with non internet based things. I am not scheduled to be released until next week Tuesday or Wednesday. But have a lot of hours sitting around doing nothing here!!! Have a great day Barb, and thanks for all you hard work.
    10. Mally's Mom
      Mally's Mom
      I love that post re: 39 guests. I laughed out loud at your everything you did NOT want to know about nutrition. That was a wonderful post. I bet it will bring a lot of them into the Sheltie Forums, ligit. I was one of them once, too. I am so very glad I joined. I feel at home here. Learn a lot, care about folks and have a good time to boot. How are Bacca and Indy doing? Fine I hope. Again, your post made my day.
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    Oct 10, 1961 (Age: 59)
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Pet Store Owner
    Dogs that own me::
    Merlin Callan and Aiden (and my forever dogs, Bacca, Indy and Timber)


    Barb and "The Boys"
    Indy The Devil dog!, Callan The New Big boy, Aiden, The Puppy
    Bacca - My Eeyore (Rainbow Bridge Feb 2014) my forever boy
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