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Oct 12, 2011
Dec 22, 2010
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Forums Enthusiast, from Surrey British Columbia

Forums Enthusiast
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Oct 12, 2011
    1. SKNerissa
      Not sure if you ever check these boards anymore but I couldn't resist posting. Our pups are from the same breeder! My pup was sired by Miskela's Westward Ho. The dam was Miskela's Ebony. Mine is Miskela's Sir Riley Chewbacca, a 4 year old mahogany sable and white. It's been a long road to get past the skittishness but we are now waiting to complete our service dog assessment by the Justice Institute of BC so that Riley will be a certified service dog under the new BC Guide and Service Dog Act that came into effect this year. I never met Lois personally; my brother-in-law's uncle is a friend of hers and Ebony's owner.
    2. Mally's Mom
      Mally's Mom
      Thanks for viewing our current snow pictures of Mally. Yes, Mally is comfortable in the snow. He absolutely loves it! He gets really excited when we get snow. Summer is not his time of the year. He is a "winter dog". I really did not like winter before getting Mally, but with Mally loving it so, I look at winter differently and it's okay with me now. It makes me happy, he's happy.
    3. Pal's Mom
      Pal's Mom
      Thanks so much, Maverick is such a complete love! Thanks!
    4. Pal's Mom
      Pal's Mom
      Oh Thanks!
    5. dawns2shelties
      Yes sometimes they are the best therapy for us without us not even realizing. I am sorry for your loss of Jamie. I lost my special girl Lacey a Collie/Samoyed mix almost 3 yrs ago and still have not gotten over it. They sure will hold a special place in our hearts until we meet again one day and until than our furbabies here will comfort us and make new memories.
    6. dawns2shelties
      You're Welcome. Belle has such a beautiful face. Isn't it something that you wanted to name her Belle and that was already her name? I guess the two of you were just meant to be together.
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    Surrey British Columbia
    Dogs that own me::
    in October of 2010, for my birthday, we purchased a sable female sheltie, 12 months of age. it was my desire to name her Belle, but I discovered to my delight that she was already named Belle.
    I am a mom and a gramma living in B.C. with my husband, our sheltie Belle, and our cat Pokey.

    gardening, photography


    My Sheltie: Belle, sable (going to be dark) female
    My Sheltie angels..Lisa, Lance, Tiffany and Candy.
    special angel Jamie, shih tzu/malti poo