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Moderator, from Canberra, Australia

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Jun 26, 2019 at 10:35 AM
    1. Katniss
      Thank you ... it's actually her Fur Aunt in the photo, but Mom has long hair too!
    2. Katniss
      By the way, I too love the "Sheltie Butts", it's very classy in a Sheltie kind of way. Hope all of you have a wonderful day ... all the way on the other side of the world.
    3. Katniss
      Thank you for your post in my thread. I have always felt that the more natural you can feed any animal (pet or otherwise) the better. I do use food & kibble as part of the diet but like to add in important, natural, healthful food items myself (even though it takes extra time). I get tons of flack for it from my friends & family that are also pet owners but in the past 15 years none of my 7 pets have ever had any health problems that were caused from diet and nutrition. In fact, they all lived long, happy, basically illness-free lives & I do credit that to a more "raw" and natural diet.

      I love the name Deska Your dogs are beautiful! In the past 24 hours I think that Kai'a has been silent (without barking) for about 18, the rest she was sleeping. I was so worried that she would never "talk" because it's been 2 weeks and not 1 yip. I think I jinxed myself.
    4. Mally's Mom
      Mally's Mom
      I am glad that you liked Mally's current picture. I can not take the credit though. My fiance, Don took the picture. He will appreciate the compliment. Our Mally has been getting his picture taken since he was a puppy. So he is not afraid of the camera at all.
    5. take4roll10
      Thanks for the picture comment! There was nothing in the snow. She just kept burying her whole head in it. It was really cute.
    6. Mally's Mom
      Mally's Mom
      On November 27th you said that shelties are #1 at training their owners. You are right about that! They are not stupid/they are so smart.
    7. BarbV
      Love the Sheltie Butt profile picture with tails wagging in unison!
    8. Calliesmom
      are those sheltie butts in your profile pic?
    9. Katherine
      Yes, Caro --- I'm laughing because your puppy photos of Tully show that "headstrong" look... .and she's almost scary looking in one of them !
    10. Katherine
      Back to wombats .... They do sound scary (from Wikipedia): " They generally move slowly, and because of this are known for taking shortcuts, but when threatened they can reach up to 40 km/h (25 mph) and maintain that speed for up to 90 seconds." Have you run into one in the wild ?
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    Home Page:
    Canberra, Australia
    Dog trainer and Public Health executive
    Dogs that own me::
    Deska (Lizneb Master Des) aka Mister D. 12yrs old and 16". Delta Therapy Dog, retired from rally, flyball, and dancing. He's a barker.

    Tully (Tooneybank Small Talk), 11yrs old and 12.5" tall. Delta Therapy Dog. Retired from flyball and agility. Loves chasing bunnies.

    Sheltie Forums height/weight spreadsheet is at http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AheAoq94SnXCdFRycXpWTDdQVEFsWDBqQUJRY3BVeXc&hl=en&au
    Dog trainer and obedience club secretary


    Caro and Tully
    And the late, great Mr Deska
    In my heart - Tommy, Kimba and Benny
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