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Mar 18, 2013
Jan 24, 2009
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Ft Worth, TX

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Mar 18, 2013
    1. Lahree
      How very kind of you, thank you! Mom is doing slightly better, but still is moving very slowly and is very frail. She says she does feel a bit stonger every day, so we are gratful for that.
    2. Caro
      Welcome back. We haven't seen you around for a while.
    3. IrisLove
      Awwh ! Thats so sweet of you <3 ... Well, we've decided to forego the idea... for now anyway, living in this city is the only way I may launch anythign near to a music career, so when that completely backfires on me hahaha then we may reconsider... I love the idea but its just not feasible and not a good idea for me right now !! Thank you sooo much though :)
    4. Lovely
      ...And Duncan is such a sweet natured boy that Pierre's occasional jealousy and snippiness isn't a problem. Just like Pierre is bouncy enough to make Duncan's constant herding a game instead of a nuisance.

      If I were to give advice, I would say have her visit a breeder who has no puppies available. Just interact with the adults (without the possibility of OH, THAT'S THE ONE!!!) and get a feel for their personality. I think Papillons are more homogeneous in their traits. Good luck!
    5. Lovely
      ...He loves to be in a lap, any lap. There is a special bond between us and him, but he is fickle if there are loads of people around.

      Training was harder with Pierre than with Duncan. Pierre needs to want to do the task for himself (or a tasty treat) while Duncan wants to make me happy (and the tasty treat doesn't hurt but it's just a bonus). Pierre stills has potty accidents (at a year and a half) if we aren't paying close enough attention to the time.

      I love both of my boys very much, but Pierre is my husband's snuggle buddy and Duncan is my quiet love. I wouldn't trade either, and they get along beautifully. I get stopped equally as often for one or the other to be told how beautiful he is. They are so different that they really work out for our family.
    6. Lovely
      Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I have been adjusting to a new job!

      Anyway, a Papillon is definitely not a Sheltie. I don't if I would consider my Duncan a typical Sheltie or not. He has many of the common threads: loves to herd things, barks when excited, spins around when I get home. However, he is more laid back than many others I've met. There is the traditional reserve to new people, but there is something soft in his relationship with us. He really acknowledges our Alpha position and is happy with it (so far - he is about to hit that adolescence though).

      Pierre is a VERY typical papillon, from what I know of them. He is a petite 8 lbs (outweighing both parents) but thinks he's 80 lbs! He is ferocious to anyone encroaching on his territory, but sweet the moment he gets a sniff. Then again, he's never met a stranger. If you want a dog that is loyal to your love only, you won't get it with a pap. He loves everyone with kisses and snuggles.
    7. granite
      OK Crystal, been waiting for 2 weeks now...where are the new puppy pictures!! :biggrin2:
    8. MWalkup
      Thanks! Congrats again on your new baby. He is a doll.
    9. Starr
      Your new puppy is the cutest thing! Congrat's and good luck with him!
    10. Lahree
      Oh, thank you so very much! I certainly appreciate you taking the time to look at my work and comment! It is VERY much appreciated! And of course such a nice compliment on Ellie is always welcomed!
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