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Sep 4, 2015
Aug 24, 2008
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Charleston SC
Family business: marine construction

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Sep 4, 2015
    1. Mally's Mom
      Mally's Mom
      Thanks for viewing and commenting on Mally's "Farmer Mally" picture. That's funny but very true, what you said. He does look very serious in the picture, like he takes his job very seriously. The next picture we are posting (within the next 2 days) he looks like he is laughing! Shelites certainly have expressive faces!
    2. tentcamp
      Chips feet are huge, wide and seem out of proportion to his small size, his whold body is pretty solid. Meggie is very tall with long skinny legs she weighs almost 40 lbs and most of it not in her legs! By the way, you have some very nice pictures.
    3. pattymaine
      Thanks for your comments about my Westminster photos. We really had a good time there. I just looked at your photos--they are terrific! I love those action shots... :)
    4. Fergusmom
      Thanks for leaving the nice comments on my pictures. Baxter has lost a little more weight since the picture was taken a couple of pounds or so.I keep increasing his food portion but he still loses. Someday I hope I get it right so he stops.
    5. Bellesmom
      Hi, and thanks for commenting on my pictures.. actually Pokey the cat and Belle get along very well, although Pokey can be a nuisance at feeding time and has to be shut into another room. But they do touch noses and sniff each other.. the pic of Pokey on the grooming table was taken not terribly long after we got Belle..
    6. Abby's Dad
      Abby's Dad
      I'm sorry i missed your post here. Everything once again seems to be working itself out. How are your pets? I see the weather is cold. Hope your holidays we good and you have a good new year.
    7. OntarioSheltie
      Yes, I do believe she is white factored. The white is all the way around her neck, down both of her front legs and along her belly to her back end. Since she's spayed I guess we'll never know for sure.
    8. Gwylliam
      They are... We have been concerned with bonding issues since our decision to get both of them. We brought Ollie home first, and Baagi came about 10 days later. At 5 months we are considering putting them in different doggie daycares a couple days a week just for something completely different for them.
    9. Fergusmom
      Thanks for the comment on my sheltie angels. They've been gone awhile and I still miss them, always will I suppose.
    10. Fergusmom
      Thanks Katherine for looking and posting the nice comment. Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue does a calendar every year and I took this picture just for the calendar. It was a challenge getting them to sit for it.LOL
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    Charleston SC
    Family business: marine construction
    Dogs that own me::
    Capers: chow mix, female, approx. DOB - Oct 1997, rescued as a puppy alongside the highway; CGC, therapy dog (registered with TD Inc.).

    Snap: sheltie (sable), male, DOB - March 20, 2008. Height: 17 ", weight approx. 23 lbs; BN, RN, CGC, TD Inc.
    Former int'l banker. I now work in the family business and the dogs go to work with me.

    Most anything dog related: Therapy, tricks, obedience (rally), Photography
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