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Oct 1, 2018
Dec 15, 2008
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North Texas
I am a sign language interpreter and I am also a h

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Oct 1, 2018
    1. Crystal1
      Just wanted to let you know that I've been praying for you and your Mom. Hope things are getting better. Kisses and hugs for Ellie.
    2. Crystal1
      Hi, Lahree! Well we finally moved to Fort Worth, TX, and are just now getting settled. Buddy isn't due for his shots until August, so we'll probably wait until then to get his Ft Worth license. Would sure like to meet with you and Ellie then. Maybe at the big Dog Park, I've been reading about on the internet. Well, just wanted to say Hi, and hope to meet you soon.
    3. Lahree
      Would love to meet you! FW is only about 30 minutes from us!
    4. Crystal1
      I have been dropping in once in a while on The Sheltie Forums, but not talking much lately. We are planning on moving to Ft Worth, TX in about 8 months. Would love to meet some of you at some time. Ellie is looking as gorgeous as ever. Hope you're doing well to.
    5. Lahree
      No, I am sorry, I am up in North Texas in Denton. Wish I could help, because I know how hard it is to find a good groomer.
    6. hgalloway
      Are you in the Houston area?
      I want to get Zoey groomed, but after reading on here I am weary of just dropping her off anywhere. Do you know any good places that know how to groom Shelties?
    7. Mally's Mom
      Mally's Mom
      Thank you for the comment/compliment on Mally's "Farmer Mally" picture.
      Ellie is in my prayers for a total recovery.
    8. Lahree
      Thanks for checking on me! Occassionally I do pop in a have about 2 minutes free to read posts, lol. I work full-time and am going to school 3/4 time and we are getting our house ready to sell. I have no free time whatsoever. Ellie is still....well........Ellie. She is even more affectionate. She is a real cuddler and a very happy puppy. She is still HORRIBLE with us coming through the front door and is a nut case when people come to the door. When they are inside she is calm and respectful and actually can be very shy and skiddish. She is one weird dog. We wouldn't trade her for the world. She will be 2 next month.
    9. Toffee's Mom
      Toffee's Mom
      Long time no hear, I hope everything is going well? How is spitfire Ellie doing??
    10. LuvtheShiloh
      Thank you! I may just settle for Petsmart or something for the time being...I don't know though. She hasn't gotten her second set of puppy shots yet, but I'm pretty much a planner.
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    Home Page:
    North Texas
    I am a sign language interpreter and I am also a h
    Dogs that own me::
    Ellie Mae. 1 yr old. She makes me laugh every day.
    I have had two Shelties spanning 28 years. I have decided to take the plunge again and get another.

    I am an artist. You can see my work at www.lorigarnerart.com.


    "It seems so exceptional
    That things work out after all
    It's just another ordinary miracle today"
    --Lyrcis from "Ordinary Miracles" by Sarah McLachlan
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