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Apr 27, 2012
Aug 17, 2009
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Tampa, Florida
Math teacher!!! (said with the enthusiasm of someo

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Apr 27, 2012
    1. RonandJan
      Hello again,

      Sunday is better for us now too, because .........drum roll please......I have a job! Alleluia! I am off Sunday. I don't know if Ron has plans for us, but MMM is always on the list for fun things to do on our day off. We can come up that way. Let me get with Ron. Where is a good park up there?

    2. RonandJan
      Hi Chelle!

      Just a quick drop in. Would you like to get the puppers together this weekend to play? You and I have a lot in common: cooking, baking, thrift stores AND I tutor in math to Grades 5 thru PreCal. I work Algebra and Calculus story problems in the evening like some people work crossword puzzles.

      Anyway, now that we are fairly settled and have learned the city a bit, I would love to get the dogs together.

      Have a great day, Jan
    3. MissSuzie
      Hi Chelle,

      I'm not sure Meggie is a good example of a Florida sheltie at this point. She was 9 months went we went to NY for a year. We arrived in NY in March. She blew her coat once there, the following spring. We moved back here in February and she blew her coat again. Cooper seems to always be blowing his coat. I think his prior care is still causing some issues with his coat. I'm hoping good food and care will help that improve. So, I guess I'd have to say Meggie has only blown her coat twice in two years.
      And, although it looks like enough fur for another dog, she never looks scraggly like when a mama dog blows her coat after having a litter. She's got a pretty full coat. My Coop is a little scraggly looking, but beautiful none-the-less. :)

    4. take4roll10
      yes. that is the key. you have to get accuracy and speed. I'm sure Duncan is going to do great.

      Bailey will do anything for food. I think she's going to do well in rally and agility. She's a very hyper and excited dog. So, she is much better when she is tired. I think when she gets older and has less energy, she's going to be really good.
    5. take4roll10
      And Bailey is all body. She has very stumpy legs. I guess that's why she has more weight. That's great that Duncan is fast. he's gonna be great in agility. Bailey has speed, but she's definitely not a speed demon. Her big butt slows her down lol. I never knew the difference between a fine boned and a thick boned sheltie, until I saw Bailey next to a fine boned sheltie. She was 3 inches taller than Bailey, but her legs and paws were so much thinner.
    6. take4roll10
      Sorry. I don't want to jack your thread on Abbie. Bailey is only a month older than Duncan. She hasn't grown since she was 8.5 months old, but she has gained 3 pounds since then. I think she is starting to fill out. She is definitely thick boned. Her legs and feet are very thick. We used to joke and say she was going to be huge because her paws were so big as a puppy.
    7. BarbV
      It is a very small world....they are a number of our pups that are related....and we are spread out all over the place. It's kind of fun to see how the lines cross and recross. These pups sure "get around" and sure are incestuous! I think I hear "Deliverance" banjo playing in the background! :lol:
    8. Crystal1
      Lovely: Thanks so much for all the info on Papillons. I will forward to my sister. I hope you like your new job. Merry Christmas!!
    9. Crystal1
      I understand that you have both a sheltie and a papillon. My sister is thinking about getting a Papillon, but needs to more about them. Would you please let me know what you think about a papillon compared to a sheltie.

      Thanks for your time.
    10. mbfrench
      You are to funny! I can't either,it's a good thing I have cakes this week,plus making stuff for the resturant,and a big wedding cake to deliver on the 26th.Cause if I did'nt have all this going on,I would be in the mountains this weekend,or on Brian's day off this week. Hopefully I can stay focused.

      Humm..well Ok..bet's on!! I don't know what I'm getting in for,but this I know for sure,I would win the bet if it was who's dog will have more dog drool in one day.Earnhardt is a funny one,when it comes to playing with puppies,always leaves them wet & wanting to come back for more rough house wreastling!

      My daughter in law,would be so nervous when one of her tea cup chi's was playing with Earnhardt,but he was always so gentle..
      so next Sunday..26th,we will be on the road bright & early,as it is at least a 4 hour drive to Janets,we may have to stop for breakfast on the way.
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    Tampa, Florida
    Math teacher!!! (said with the enthusiasm of someo
    Dogs that own me::
    Duncan Wallace - This sable baby is a sweetheart who loves from afar. He was born July 3, 2009. He is smarter than me but patient at the same time. He is still a pup and is going through his adolescence. I'm sure you will hear all about it! I am lucky enough to be Duncan's favorite person.

    Abigail Jubilee - Abbie is our rescue who is approximately 3 years old. She is a sable merle-headed white (or piebald) with an amazing temperament considering her beginnings. She was taken out of a home that had 30 dogs and 50 Angora rabbits. We are working on obedience with her.

    Pierre Louis - This bi-black Papillon is our Alpha dog. He is a lovebug and likes to be in your lap when he isn't playing
    Cooking, baking, thrift shopping, wasting time in antique stores, taking pics



    Sheltie Duncan Wallace CGC : Golden child
    Sheltie Abigail Jubilee : Queen bee
    Papillon Pierre Louis CGC : Snuggle sensation